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PhoenixDX is an award-winning OutSystems partner, specialising in custom application development and digital products. Awarded OutSystems APAC Customer Success of the Year 2018 and 2019 and Partner of the Year 2020. We are fully dedicated to OutSystems with a highly skilled team of 70+ experts, including 5 OutSystems MVPs and a dedicated team of UX specialists. We don t only build applications; we quickly deliver game-changing digital solutions that give organisations across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia & the Philippines a strategic competitive advantage.


Projects Delivered

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  • Unisys Driver Licence Testing Application
    Unisys Driver Licence Testing Application
    • Customer Service
    • Government
    6 Developers 17 Weeks Web Application 2019

    PhoenixDX co-delivered with Unisys a cloud-based testing platform for NZTA —delivering improved efficiency and flexibility for New Zealand's driver license testing service. The solution increases customer reach through a modern UI and great UX. Now 15,000 tests can be conducted anywhere, from any device, every month.

  • SiteIQ
    • Field Services
    • Construction & Engineering
    4 Developers 12 Months Web Application 2021

    SiteIQ was designed to manage and optimise tools and equipment on major industrial and construction sites. As a cloud-based solution, SiteIQ offers visibility and the ability to manage all tools, equipment, consumables and services in real-time. Now, customers and stakeholders can access equipment data and analytics from anywhere.

  • My Pepper Digital Mortgages
    My Pepper Digital Mortgages
    • Customer Service
    • Financial Services
    3 Developers 9 Months Mobile Application 2022

    This self-service Digital Mortgages solution allows customers to apply for a home loan using the my.peppermoney portal. Easy to use from mobile or web, the solution streamlines the application process, previously handled via the call centre, emails, pdfs and spreadsheets. It improves customer experience and expands Pepper's digital offering.

  • GPT Portal
    GPT Portal
    • Compliance
    • Other Industries
    2 Developers 6 Weeks Web Application 2022

    The Portal application helps the GPT Group meet their financial reporting obligations in a timely manner. The application enables the company to securely receive files with financial data from external parties in their real estate portfolio. The Portal stores the files on an AWS S3 bucket, where AWS automation performs a virus scan and file validations.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • DX Grant
    DX Grant
    • All Industries | Compliance
    DX Grant enables IT Administrators to delegate responsibility for granting access to applications to the people who know them best, the Product Owners. Product Owners can assign app-specific user access, roles and permissions to team members with hands-on application knowledge.
  • DX Forms
    DX Forms
    • All Industries | Development Tools
    DX Forms makes creating and managing forms easier than ever. No development is required. Jump straight into this user-friendly interface to quickly build and customise forms. By digitising data capture cost-effectively, you can reduce manual handling, speed-up processes and gain valuable insights into your business.
  • Hubway Connect
    Hubway Connect
    • All Industries | Other use cases
    Hubway Connect is a data hub for OutSystems applications. Hubway allows non-developer users to create, configure and manage data connections (APIs) to expose data from OutSystems Apps. Hubway eliminates the need for manual development and maintenance of APIs. 30-DAY FREE TRIAL - VISIT WEBSITE TO SIGN UP #Data Connector, #Extract Data, #API Build
  • Workspace
    • All Industries | Other use cases
    Easily optimise office space and equipment. With flexible working arrangements, allocating and managing your office space and equipment can be challenging. Manage desk and room bookings, and track visitors with our easy-to-use Workspace app.

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