OutSystems for Supply Chain


Solve your unique supply chain challenges with high-performance low-code

Modernize existing tech stacks or build a complete set of custom systems to support supply chain operations. Adjust to the fast-paced supply & demand whether you’re looking to replace legacy, increase capacity to deal with volume, or improve your value chain end-to-end.

Develop or extend order management systems to embrace a legacy-free future

Build a modern order management system that isn’t restrained by existing legacy or rigid off-the-shelf solutions, just like Van Iperen did, and embrace IT-led innovation.

sander-blok-avatar Sander Blok, Head of Innovation and Product Management, Van Iperen BV

“With OutSystems, we can deliver a completed product to our colleagues in months, rather than years and release updates and new features in a matter of days.”

Revamp your logistics systems to ensure always-on sales channels, inventories, deliveries, and more

Follow in Burton’s footsteps and equip your IT team with the means to respond to logistics’ challenges - whether it’s moving goods through multiple sales channels or avoiding inventory carrying costs.

sander-blok-avatar Matt Burns, Software Developer, Burton

“Without having a very experienced web developer and having to develop a whole new web UI, we decided to go with the OutSystems platform. That was the only way it could get done.”

Close backend systems gaps fast and reap the benefits of superior track & trace

Act like Hermes in acknowledging the uniqueness of your business and equipping it with a tailored e-commerce solution you can build with your existing dev team.

sander-blok-avatar Tobias Latta, IT Product Owner Operations, Hermes BorderGuru

“A great thing about the OutSystems development process was how reuse speeded up our development. It only took two days to develop the basic TrIp solution, as we were able to use all the backend services from TrApp.”

Downright remove all the “clogs” restricting end-to-end visibility

Integrate systems like Vinturas did to solve the ongoing challenge of end-to-end visibility. While you’re at it, innovate and future-proof your entire value chain with technologies like IoT or blockchain.

sander-blok-avatar Jon Kuiper, CEO, Vinturas

“Supply chain visibility is important, but all logistics service providers have their own systems. OutSystems mobile applications help us across the range of users from driver to OEM and everything in between.”

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