Application Templates

Build and deploy a prototype app in under ten minutes.

Whether responsive web or native mobile, each template is tailored to a specific use case, showing how OutSystems gives you the tools to create custom, standards compliant, easily maintainable software fast.

City Inspections

Equip inspectors in the field with a responsive modern tool to manage and update inspections jobs, while using the same tool and data for their office based colleagues.

Employee Directory

Keep track of employee information, hierarchy, and history with easy integration into payroll, expenses, and other corporate systems.

Energy Portal

Build a modern digital experience enabling customers to self-serve their relationship with your utility service.

Insurance Portal

Create and customize a car insurance quoting journey to see how fast you can build rich customer experiences with OutSystems.

Order Management

Take care of the end to end order management process, whether for B2B and B2C relationships, by customizing this quick-start template.

Retail Catalog

Create a custom ecommerce experience that’s tailored precisely to your company’s needs and integrates effortlessly with existing systems.

Sales CRM

Start with this template then tune the data, reports, and integrations to get exactly the CRM your organization needs.

Field Services

Build a job tracking tool to assign, update, and monitor the status of work requests for team members working in the field.

Web Banking

Rapidly prototype an online banking experience with ledger and transaction detail then integrate with your core banking platform.