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Developers make the world go round. But the world is changing fast. From shifting demographics to higher expectations to new technologies, the only constant for today’s and tomorrow’s developers is change.

Decoded is a podcast that brings the voices of developers forward. 

Join host Sydney Lai, Developer Advocate at OutSystems, as she chats with developers about their personal stories, their insight into the world’s leading apps and products, and the trends that are continually shaping the lives and work of the global developer community.


Origin Stories: How the Platforms Developers Love Were Built

Developers are today’s unsung superheroes. In Season 2 of Decoded, host Sydney Lai and her guests from tech luminaries dig into the architecture behind leading apps and products, how they were built to scale from the start, what tools were used during development, and the teams blazing trails behind the scenes.

From Word of Mouth to Ruling the World at Slack

Justin Hardin, Senior Software Engineer, Slack

In the first episode of Season 2, Justin Hardin of Slack reveals how everyone’s favorite chat platform evolved from gaming, how it managed to scale so quickly, and how it’s making good on its global ambitions.

Amplifying Innovation at AWS

Nicki Stone, Senior Software Development Engineer - Mobile SDKs, AWS

In this episode, Nicki Stone takes us behind the scenes at Amplify and shares how it works with the entire AWS ecosystem.

Giving Tech a Voice at Google

Jessica Earley-Cha, Developer Relations Engineer, Google and Antonio Alegria, Head of AI, OutSystems

During this episode, Jessica Earley-Cha of Google takes us behind the tech powering Google Assistant, sharing how the team chooses projects and how voice applications are built and scaled.

Talk to Me: A Conversation with Twilio

Corey Weathers, Developer Evangelist, Twilio

For this episode, Corey Weathers at Twilio talks tech from the Noughties and reveals how the company has managed such fast growth to become a leader in communication APIs.

Delivering APIs with Postman

Arlemi Turpault, Developer Advocate, Postman

In this episode, we sit down with Arlemi Turpault at Postman to chat about the company’s early days, how the API platform builds its own APIs to integrate with other services, and the ways its dev team avoids technical debt.

Development Meets Design at Adobe

Kerri Shotts, Principal Product Manager, Adobe

At a brand known for its ability to beautify, Kerri Shotts at Adobe shares why Photoshop is the gateway drug for today’s front-end developers and how to apply design principles to development projects.

Building on Blockchain with Chainlink

Patrick Collins, Developer Advocate, Chainlink

Blockchain technology is reshaping business relationships and processes. In this episode, Patrick Collins, developer advocate at Chainlink, tells us all about how Chainlink builds safer oracle solutions to minimize code vulnerabilities for businesses.

Tackling Tooling and Tech Debt with GitHub

Keerthana "KK" Kumar, Director of Engineering, GitHub

Who knows more about tooling for developers than the team at GitHub? In this episode, Keerthana “KK” Kumar, director of engineering at GitHub, shares how GitHub makes its own development teams more productive.

MongoDB: Where Databases and Developers Meet

Nic Raboy, Senior Developer Advocate, MongoDB

Nic Raboy of MongoDB joins host Sydney Lai to chat about database management for developers, with a sprinkling of Pokemon thrown in.

Building Teams that Build Secure Financial Tools with Stripe

Berni Torres, Software Engineer, Stripe

In this episode, software engineer Berni Torres at Stripe discusses the nuances of building solutions for the financial industry, plus best practices that development teams in other highly regulated industries can apply.

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Cracking the Career Code

There’s no single path to a meaningful and impactful career as a developer. In the debut season of Decoded, host Sydney Lai hears from diverse technologists about how they got started, the moves—both planned and unplanned—that made them the developers they are today, and how the next generation of developers can build the careers they want in an ever-changing industry.

  • picture of Dee Dee Walsh
    September 14, 2020
    Gray Hat

    Dee Dee Walsh - VP of Marketing & Business Development at Mobilize.Net and Advisor at

  • picture of Joey Rosenberg
    October 14, 2020
    Closing the Gender Gap

    Joey Rosenberg - Chief Leadership Office at Women Who Code

  • picture of Philip Thomas
    October 28, 2020
    From Developer to Entrepreneur

    Philip Thomas - VP of Product & Engineering at Zyper

  • picture of Royce Willmschen and Katie Mallinson
    November 11, 2020
    Rookie Year

    Royce Willmschen - Sr Manager of Software Engineering
    Katie Mallinson - Full Stack UI Engineer at Hewlett Packard

  • picture of Dave Fontenot
    November 25, 2020
    Back to Work

    Dave Fontenot - General Partner, Backend Capital and Founder at HackMatch

  • picture of David Silva
    December 9, 2020
    Latinx in Tech

    David Silva - Senior Developer and Co-Founder at Techqueria