Decoded Podcast - Sydney Lai

Decoded: Developer Podcast Series

Developers make the world go round. But the world is changing fast. From shifting demographics to higher expectations to new technologies, the only constant for the next generation of developers will be change.

Decoded is a podcast that brings the voices of today’s and tomorrow’s developers forward. Join host Sydney Lai, Developer Advocate at OutSystems, as she chats with developers from across the life-experience spectrum. You’ll learn about their career journeys, explore their diverse and exciting paths to success, and hear honest talk about the obstacles facing many developers today.


Cracking the Career Code

Gray Hat

Dee Dee Walsh - VP of Marketing & Business Development at Mobilize.Net and Advisor at

In our debut episode, we discuss what it’s like to be a 50+ year old developer in a youth-oriented industry, and how older developers can use their knowledge and experience to their advantage.

Closing the Gender Gap

Joey Rosenberg - Chief Leadership Office at Women Who Code

In our second episode, we’ll discuss what women need to know about dismantling biases and thriving in the male-dominated tech industry.

From Developer to Entrepreneur

Philip Thomas - VP of Product & Engineering, Zyper

In our third episode, we’ll hear firsthand what it's like to shift from employee to start-up founder and learn more about the skills needed for business leadership.

Rookie Year

Royce Willmschen - Sr Manager of Software Engineering
Katie Mallinson - Full Stack UI Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

This episode will dive into the crucial early years of a career in tech -- what managers are looking for and what developers can expect when transitioning from an academic environment.

Back to Work

Dave Fontenot - General Partner, Backend Capital and Founder, HackMatch

As our podcast series continues, this episode explores what it’s like to return to a job in tech after taking time off for a new adventure. We’ll hear how life experiences can take you down exciting and unexpected tech career paths.

Latinx in Tech

David Silva - Senior Developer and Co-Founder, Techqueria

As we wrap up Season 1 of Decoded, we talk to a leading voice in the Latinx tech community to learn how people of color, at all career stages, can address systemic bias in the workplace and build meaningful careers.