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Modern App Dev in Action: From Idea to Application in 30 Minutes

Check out this 30-minute on-demand demo of the OutSystems platform to see how you can quickly build, deploy, and update applications using visual, model-driven development and AI-powered tools.

Create the 21st Century Workplace

In this series of inspirational sessions, you will be presented with an answer to the questions: “How do I find the best talents and ensure a smooth onboarding process. And parallel to this: how do I retain the talents and optimize their productivity, once they have entered my organization?

Avoiding Missteps and Improving Application Environments

In this on-demand webinar, you'll discover how to ensure consistent and predictable outcomes for your critical applications.

Build Apps with No Limits Workshop

In this 2 hours workshop our experts will guide you through some exercises where you will learn how this technology can help you and your team to plan, develop, change, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade applications, in a simplified way.

Best Practices for Avoiding and Fixing Technical Debt

An interactive discussion with Professor Rick Kazman, author of the recently published MIT Press book “Technical Debt in Practice: How to Find it and Fix It.”

Build at the Speed of Buy: How Modern App Platforms Are Transforming Development Assumptions

Join our webinar to learn how modern development practices can make custom development a practical, less risky, and cost-effective option.

Building a Mobile App With OutSystems

Are you ready to say goodbye to your application backlog, and hello to developing apps at lightning speed? Watch as Rui Barbosa, developer advocate at OutSystems,shows how you can quickly build a mobile application from scratch using visual tools and AI. You’ll see firsthand how you can build the powerful applications you want without being limited by technology or losing control of your code.

Chatbots & Progressive Web Apps = A Winning Combination

Wondering what all the hype is about with chatbots? Chatbots provide a different way of interacting with your app and another way to engage your customers. Join Riva Uy, Solution Architect at OutSystems, to see how you can build a customer service chatbot integrated into a progressive web app leveraging Amazon Lex.

Accelerate Innovation as an SAP-based Company

Available Now • On-Demand

Re-defining trends in application enterprise development

In this session we will illustrate how technology built for change can help companies quickly build innovative, enterprise scale applications: build them fast, build them right, and build them for the future.