Forging the Future of App Dev

The mission:

Enabling everyone to deliver high-quality smart apps up to 100x faster using AI

  • Augment the work of developers and transform software development with AI and machine learning.
  • Use the power of AI in OutSystems and in your applications.
  • Implement complete use-cases that are accessible to everyone using our AI components.

The outsystems.ai program is dedicated to embedding artificial intelligence and machine learning in the OutSystems platform to dramatically accelerate and improve software development.

AI-assisted development from OutSystems

The wisdom of millions of apps and patterns—at your fingertips

Save time when creating new or editing existing apps. AI-assisted development enables pro and citizen developers alike to apply expertise learned from over 15 million anonymized patterns and apps to their logic flows.

Pros can be more focused and productive and new developers get guidance that helps them learn.

“There’s a lot of potential here because it saves time! Instead of having to go to multiple places to find what I need and drag-and-drop it to the flow, it’s just two clicks, which is really good.”

Rafaela Valadas

Trainee in the ITUp Turn Up program


How it works

For each step in your application flows, the OutSystems AI Assistant predicts the step you’ll need to take next and recommends the most likely options. It puts your choice into the development environment, often fully configured and adapted to your own business logic and context. The suggestions are accurate and tailored to your context, and they are getting smarter all the time.

AI-assisted development works anywhere in a flow, in any flow: web, mobile, reactive web, services, business processes, you name it. Whether you need to create or edit logic in your application, the OutSystems AI Assistant is there for you.


“I just tried this for the first time, and what used to take five minutes of searching and a lot of mouse movement took about a second. The AI feature guessed exactly what I wanted to do! It is impressive. It helps me prevent repetitive strain injury symptoms, and because I use the mouse less, I can continue working for longer periods of time.”

Vincent Koning

Software Engineer, Royal Boskalis Westminster

"With AI, we see the potential to transform the entire software lifecycle, where AI helps with everything from modeling new applications with the right architecture and user experiences to analyzing the business value and impact for the organization.”

Paulo Rosado
CEO, OutSystems

Bringing the power of AI to your apps

Adding AI to your apps has numerous advantages, including faster insights, better customer engagement and satisfaction, optimized efficiency, and more. Yet, not many organizations have implemented AI, mainly due to a lack of talent and the complexity of the process.

If that’s what’s holding you back, OutSystems has what you need. Our AI components make it easy to incorporate AI into your apps.


Drive efficiency and increase customer satisfaction by automating initial interactions with chatbots and equip employees with up-to-date information by making it easy to share information and files through chat.

Language Analysis

More accurately determine customer satisfaction with natural language and sentiment analysis. 


Choose from a wide range of connectors and plugins to build AI-powered apps.

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