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What can low-code do for me? How does it work? Where does it fit in my digital transformation strategy? Get answers to these questions plus the latest insights from a vibrant community of people who’ve been there and done that.


How to Troubleshoot iOS on Windows

Hey windows devs, have you ever been asked to demo an app on iOS and gotten caught with your technical pants down? Luckily, your nightmares are over. This blog walks you through everything you need to troubleshoot iOS on a machine running Windows.


How Low-Code Is Changing the Atos Way of Working

With an agile methodology and DevOps in place, OutSystems Partner Atos had a vision for further improving productivity and the value the consultancy delivers to customers. In this post, Kees Kranenburg, Solution Lead, Low-code Platform, describes how Atos used OutSystems to make it happen.

Dev Zone

Building a Fort: The OutSystems Sentry Monitoring

Some OutSystems customer applications can have hundreds of thousands of users all over the world, while others just serve a handful of users in a specific location. So how does one go about monitoring their security and sending alearts in those conditions? Read on for the answer.

People and Culture

OutSystems and CrossFit: The Power of Culture

People usually think "New year, new you" means becoming a more physically fit or finding a new job, but not both. In this blog post, CrossFit enthusiast and OutSystems quality owner Pedro Santos explains how this disruptive and effective form of fitness and our innovative and creative culture are not mutually exclusive. Resolve to explore the correlation now.