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What can low-code do for me? How does it work? Where does it fit in my digital transformation strategy? Get answers to these questions plus the latest insights from a vibrant community of people who’ve been there and done that.


How to Energize Your Developers With Low-Code

If big development projects threaten to paralyze your small team with grunt work and duplicate effort, take heart in this success story about how using OutSystems energized a team of developers at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

Low-code Success: thinkmoney
Rips and Replaces Its Mobile App—in Just 14 Weeks

Financial services company thinkmoney knew it needed to offer its customers a better mobile app. But there was no time to waste in the fast-paced financial services sector. Find out how their investment in low-code paid off.

Dev Zone

Cooking Up a Business Vision Workshop

Now you're cooking with ... low-code. A banquet and an OutSystems Business Vision Workshop begin and end with the same focus: the people who will enjoy the end result. Get the recipe for success in this blog post.

How Secure Is Low-Code?

You might think automation in software development would lead to more security risks, but with OutSystems and OutSystems Sentry, the opposite is true. Get the scoop in this blog and find out just how secure low-code can be.

People and Culture

OutSystems and CrossFit: The Power of Culture

People usually think "New year, new you" means becoming a more physically fit or finding a new job, but not both. In this blog post, CrossFit enthusiast and OutSystems quality owner Pedro Santos explains how this disruptive and effective form of fitness and our innovative and creative culture are not mutually exclusive. Resolve to explore the correlation now.

The Culture Book - Part 7: The Excel Rule

What does it mean to excel at OutSystems? In this blog post about the seventh big rule in our small culture book, Senior Account Executive Jeff Piszczek shares his definition and how it applies to sales.