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Dev Zone

The 5 Skills UI Designers Need to Become UXers

With today’s hyperfocus on digital transformation, UX design is critical to providing the right digital experience. If you're a UI designer who would like to become a UXer, you'll need to develop these five essential skills.


Calculated Risk: The Insurance Sector Is Choosing InsurTech Collaboration Over Competition in a Bid to Innovate

Insurers are turning risk into opportunity by engaging with InsurTech companies to create innovative solutions that transcend traditional competitive strategy. This article showcases examples of insurer and InsurTech collaboration as it looks at this new world and its lingering challenges.

Platform in Action

Using Low-Code to Drive Digital Transformation in Insurance? It's Just Good Policy

It's been 14 years since Liberty Seguros became an OutSystems client, and its CIO has a number of interesting stories to tell about using low-code to drive the digital transformation needed to address industry disruption. Get his take on the industry today and why he believes OutSystems is the way forward for insurers.