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Accelerate Into the Future at NextStep 2021

NextStep is the event for IT leaders who want to accelerate the digital transformation of their organization. Discover what you can expect from this year's conference right here.


How Light BPT Turbocharges the Engine of Automated Data Migration

In his previous article, Shahin Keshavari showed you how the Cool Data Mover can help you overcome the most common data migration challenges. Now, he'll show you by combining it with Light BPT, you can take data migration to the next level.

Overcoming Data Migration Challenges to Keep App Development Moving

In this blog post, Shahin Keshavari from CoolProfs covers the most common data migration challenges while showing how automation can help you to surpass them.

Dev Zone

Democratizing Development: A Conversation with Jesse Showalter

In the latest episode of Decoded podcast, UX/UI designer Jesse Showalter joins host Sydney Lai to talk about the tools putting power into the hands of developers. Check it out!

How to Integrate a Video Calling Service Into Your Apps

Looking to add video calling capabilities to your applications? In this blog post, we'll show you how to do that without building it from scratch with a little help from Amazon Kinesis. Take a look!