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The OutSystems Mission

OutSystems was founded with a very clear mission in mind: to give every company the power to innovate through software - a statement that is still as important today as it was on our first day. How are we fulfilling this mission, you ask? By following four fundamental principles that any company must know if they want to succeed in today's ecosystem. Find what they are in this article.


3 Types of ISVs Embracing Modern App Development Approaches

The ISV landscape is changing with organizations becoming more demanding and looking for personalized experiences. In this blog post, we'll break down the different types of ISV that are embracing modern app development approaches and what that means to their business and customers.

Why You Should Simplify Your Business Operations

By simplifying its business processes, an organization can become more reliable and more effective as a business. But reaching that point is not easy. In this blog post, you'll learn from 3 IT leaders how they're demystifying simplification.

Dev Zone

Call for Mac Developers: Introducing OutSystems For Mac

We’re excited to announce the new Service Studio for Mac. Now, OutSystems offers a true cross-platform Service Studio that gives Mac users the same frictionless and seamless development experience until now exclusive to PC users. Check out what's new right here.

Crushing Technical Debt with OutSystems, Part 1: Visual Merge and Debugger

In this blog series, we'll show you how OutSystems can help you reduce technical debt and make it easier to "pay back" your debt at a later time. In this first episode, we present you with Visual Merge and Debugger.