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Why Your Team Won’t Low-Code: Pandora’s Black Box

When I talk low-code platforms with developers, they assure me that they are treacherous black boxes from hell. And they can't afford to run mission-critical services on something they can't control. This logic seems sound – at first. But, it's really not. I'll explain why by shining a different light on black boxes so your team can take comfort in low-code platforms instead of fearing them.

Mobile App Helps OutSystems Employees Run for a Greater Cause

On December 12, 2016, OutSystems launched a challenge to its employees: to walk, run or cycle 5,000 kilometers by January 6. The goal? Well, it was the holiday season, the time to give back to the community. And what better way to do it than through a mobile app that helped those in need, and also helped us get healthier in the process?

It couldn’t be just any app, it had to mirror OutSystems values. Fast. Robust. Resilient. Full-stack. And so OutRun was born – a mobile app to track the distance an employee walked, ran or cycled.


What Is Low-Code?

"What is low-code?" At a recent software and IT conference, a presenter asked people to raise their hands if they knew the answer. No one did. It’s time to change that. Low-code is the combine harvester of the software industry. It lets us deliver value more quickly and more reliably.

A Custom Physician Portal: Why OutSystems Low-Code Platform Is the Cure

When US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) wanted to replace its legacy physician portal, it looked to OutSystems for help building a new physician portal. USACS is the nation’s leading physician-owned provider of integrated acute care. One of the company’s top priorities was to ensure that its new portal was much more collaborative, allowing physicians to complete more of their work outside of the emergency room. (more…)

Gestures Glamour: Setting Up a Touch Menu

Mobile touch gestures are vital app components. While users love cool, interactive apps, if you're developing them, you can come to hate the mess and math involved. This is especially true when you are not the one who did the first piece of the code or if you are there only to maintain it. Having — dare I say it? — silky smooth mobile touch gestures and their animations can be a challenge but one that is overcome. Today, I'll show you how to create a native-like menu with gestures.
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Making Magic with WebSockets and CSS3

You can’t go wrong with magic tricks if you want to amaze people. When I started programming, impressing people was easy to do with just a few lines of code. However, nowadays technology plays such a big role in our lives that it takes much more creativity to amaze people. Just a few months ago, a few colleagues and I participated in a hackathon. The goal was to reinvent the way people shop for clothing. We designed an application that would help a shopping assistant search for items the customers requested inside the store by swiping items from a smartphone onto a bigger screen. In this blog, we'll show you how real-time communication with WebSockets and optical illusions created in CSS3 can make this kind of magic happen.
Low Code Job Loss Weary

Why Your Team Won’t Low-Code: Job Loss

In mid-2016, I evaluated the upcoming OutSystems 10 release as a native mobile developer. I knew little of web development and nothing of low-code platforms. After slogging through tutorials, it hit me. I was creating complex products without as much as a blink. And this tool was significantly easier to learn than traditional software development. I began to get excited! A platform this powerful could accelerate the development process, bring products to market at startling rates, and replace— me!?... Excitement faded. Fear set in.

An App for the Elves: Santa Goes Low-Code with OutSystems

Santa needed an app for his elves. Every December, thousands of letters addressed to Santa arrive at post offices all over the world as eager children share their wish lists. But what is magical for a child can be a nightmare for the mailman. 

There had to be a way to help Santa’s little helpers. (No, not the North Pole elves; that’s a different story.) It was his earthly assistants at the post office who struggled to make sure every child received a prompt reply from the man in the red suit.   (more…)

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Won’t Get Fooled Again: Lessons in Lie-Fi

The limbo between online and offline is Lie-fi. Described by industry insiders as "worse than offline," lie-fi can be addressed with a few tips and some lessons learned along the way.
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4 Stages of App Creation for Avoiding 5 Stages of Grief

Great app creation can seem elusive when everyone is coming to you with different requirements. The pressure can be so intense and the timelines so short that you're tempted to take shortcuts. Do that, however, and you might end up experiencing the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. When you follow the 4 stages of great app creation in order, you can avoid the 5 stages of "app fail" grief.