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Why Your Team Won’t Low-Code: Moving Fast Breaks Things

This post about the idea that moving fast breaks things is the fourth in a multi-part series that examines the negative reactions developers feel when introduced to low-code platforms. If you’re a completionist like me, you will want to read the previous posts before you continue: Job Loss, Pandora’s Black Box, and Oh Code You Didn’t.

“Move fast and break things,” is today’s de facto startup motto. The premise is that a few bugs are okay as long as you’re fast. Despite distancing the company from this belief in 2014, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg popularized this idea as a positive attribute of early product development. And the axiom remains: moving fast results in broken work. (more…)

What is a low code development platform featured

What Is a Low-Code Development Platform?

Low-code is all about building software without re-inventing the wheel. It provides a set of tools that work together to help skilled people create value faster and more reliably. Because low-code is still a relatively new concept, low-code development platforms can be very different. However, there are some basics they share. I'll take a close look at these while I share what a low code development platform is and what it is not.

OutSystems Named a Cloud Computing Top Employer by Forbes, Again!

Paulo Rosado, OutSystems CEO, once said, “OutSystems is a unique place to work because of the smart and innovative people who have made it their home.” For the second year in a row, a Forbes report agrees – OutSystems is a top employer.

In the Forbes report of best cloud computing companies to work for in 2017, OutSystems is ranked sixth alongside industry giants Google, Microsoft and Salesforce. This report started with CRN’s coolest cloud computing companies, then looked to Glassdoor for the number of employees who would recommend the company to a friend and the percentage of employees who approve of their CEO. (more…)

From Web to Mobile Development: 5 Things to Consider

Mobile technology is expanding in all directions. So, it's natural for people to be thinking about transitioning from web to mobile development. If you want your development skills to find their way to the mobile world, it’s important to understand how different it is. Here are five considerations for transitioning from web to mobile development.
State of Application Development Trends

Application Development Trends: New Research Highlights Major Challenges Facing Developers, Architects and IT Managers

The age of digital transformation has placed incredible pressure on the shoulders of IT. Application development trends – from integrating existing systems to developing new web apps to the accelerating need for mobile computing – are putting greater demands on IT for custom application development.  

To find out how IT professionals are dealing with this pressure, we surveyed more than 3,200 developers, architects, and IT managers from around the world. We asked them about their biggest challenges and what they’re doing about them.   (more…)

OutSystems Revenue Breaks Records in 2016: Low-Code Market Growing

At OutSystems, we’re excited to dive into 2017 after a year of record growth in every aspect of our business: sales, partners, employees and customers. Although we are proud of those accomplishments, there’s a bigger story here than just OutSystems revenue and expansion. The low-code development market is growing faster than ever. And, clearly, low-code development is widespread. We’re excited about what that means for 2017. (more…)

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Creating a UI Framework: A Story of Blood, Sweat and Tears… of Joy!

When my company offered me the opportunity to be on a team that would create an new amazing UI framework, I was ecstatic. This project, however, wouldn’t have been possible without many tears, a whole lot of sweat and some blood shed. Yes, creating a UI framework ended up being one of the most joyous of my career, but before the joy, my team had a painful start.

Low-Code Earns High Marks in Survey of Middle East IT Decision Makers

Low-code Earns High Marks Infographic – We talk a lot about the value of low-code development. Low-code platforms help overburdened, under-resourced IT departments build apps fast and drive business results. But it means more when we hear it directly from IT managers who face these problems every day.

So, OutSystems asked IDG Connect to survey IT decision makers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE. They provided their views on traditional software development versus modern “low-code” approaches. (more…)

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Why Your Team Won’t Low-Code: Oh Code You Didn’t

For a growing number of business concerns, low-code is the way forward. It's a streamlined development process faster than any that's come before it. This does not mean a loss of the passion for coding. It just means putting what you do into a bigger picture.

Off the Grid: The Challenges of Offline in Mobile Development

Developing for offline users becomes a powerful differentiator in today’s world. And it can be painful. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. Let's look at some of the challenges that come with developing apps that run offline and how an "offline-first" approach is the first step to overcoming them.