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10 Software Development Trends for 2020

With another decade coming to an end, what can you expect from 2020? Check out this blog post to learn the top 10 low-code software development trends you should keep an eye on.


P&C Insurance Digital Transformation: Top 5 Challenges on the Minds of CIOs

With a new landscape disrupting all kinds of industries, what's expected of insurance? Check out this blog post to learn the top challenges P&C insurers need to overcome in 2020 and how.

5 Traits of Recession Proof Businesses

In times of recession, not all businesses suffer the same. In this blog post, Christian Woodward, VP at OutSystems, shows you the five traits that make recession-resistant industries so special.

Dev Zone

Build a Parody Rocket Launch App with Tableau Javascript API and OutSystems

What if you could build a rocket launch app in minutes? Moreover, what if this app could show you the weather conditions so that you can decide the best day for the launch? That's exactly what Sydney Lai will teach you with a little help from Tableau Javascript API.

Pushwoosh: Dealing with Push Notifications in Multiple Environments

Push notifications can take your user experience to the next level. But, when your app lives in Development, QA, and Production environments, how can you make sure you don't send unwanted notifications to your users? OutSystems MVP Armando Gomes gives you the answer.