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Don’t Confuse Low-Code with No-Code

As with most emerging markets, the exploding low-code and no-code segments are fraught with confusion. Even coming up with useful names for the offerings in these categories is a challenge.
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The Reasons Why GitHub Engineers Built an Enterprise App Nobody Hates

Depending on your definition, GitHub is arguably an enterprise app company. Think about it: millions of users, thousands of companies whose businesses depend on the software and an expanding complex problem space. Oh, and they have a product called GitHub Enterprise.

Most people would agree, though, that GitHub’s enterprise app is far removed from the traditional view of enterprise software. So, what sets them apart from the companies who build the enterprise software that everybody hates? (more…)

New IDC Report Profiles OutSystems, Showcases Latest in Low-code Rapid Application Development

Not to be out-done by other industry analysts that are singing the praises of OutSystems, IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets, has recently released an IDC Vendor Profile report covering OutSystems, the leading low-code platform used for rapid application development.
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How GitHub Makes Enterprise-Scale Software Everybody Loves

By some counts, GitHub is an enterprise software company. They have millions of users, they build something called GitHub Enterprise and their software is absolutely vital to the workflow of thousands of companies. (more…)

Chasing Cloud Trends in 2017: From IaaS to PaaS to RAD (Rapid Application Development)

You might describe me as a “Technology Storm Chaser.” I’ve been in the technology world for a long time, and I’ve worked on a ton of cool technologies, including high-performance computing and 3D graphics when it took off in the 90s. I was there when application performance management exploded in the 2000s. And most recently, I went deep in cloud computing in the 2010s and then DevOps/CI/CD.
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This Is How OutSystems Decreases Development Risk

By omitting features, OutSystems decreases development risk. Yes, you read that right. To excise risk from the app delivery process, OutSystems, by design, has carefully excised parts of the development tool ecosystem. I’m going to tell you how that works.  (more…)

Bust Your Mobile App Backlog With New Development Features

The best low-code platform just got better with two amazing features to help you deliver beautiful, enterprise mobile apps faster.  If you recall, last year we introduced a library of 140 beautiful UX widgets that can quickly be added to…


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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Component-based Architecture

Low-code platforms shorten application creation and delivery times. Developers can reuse code and create component libraries. These tools allow developers to build high-quality app components (also known as modules and patterns) and share them with others, boosting application development time and reducing code fragmentation. There was a time when a component-based architecture was a novelty, but now Gartner includes components in the list of criteria for qualifying for their 2017 Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms. (more…)

Low-code Platforms and the Convergence of Modern App Dev

The market for low-code application development has skyrocketed in the last 18 months. Why? The business drivers are clear and include the increased pressure on IT teams to deliver faster solutions, the shortage of developer talent across the globe, and the increased need for business agility. At the same time, the benefits and success stories of low-code development are also making news: Doubling developer productivity, driving down total cost of ownership, and even reducing technical debt for old legacy systems.
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Forge Ahead with OutSystems and Asana Integration: How to Use App Feedback for Easy Project Management

Meet the OutSystems App Feedback feature. Specifically called out in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms 2017, this feature makes it possible for users to let you know, directly from the app, what they think or what’s causing them problems. So, let's take a look at how you can integrate App Feedback with Asana using Forge components.