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Dev Zone

What is a Microservice?

Monoliths, SOA, and microservices—oh, my! You might have heard the buzz around the latest enterprise architecture trend. But what are microservices, really? Find out in this article by Stanley Idesis.


Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation (and What to Do About It?) - Part 4: Re-Skill, Recruit and Retain Developers With Low-Code

Finding skilled developers for this fast-paced mobile world is hard and will only become more so as time goes on. In the final article of his series on digital transformation challenges, Nigel Warren discusses how low-code can bridge the skills gap.

Platform in Action

The Calm After the Storm: Rebuilding Lives with AI, ML, and Low-Code

Receiving funds to rebuild after a natural disaster is often a long and complicated process. Meet Persie, a robot built by OutSystems Partner Persistent that, along with a multi-channel app built with our platform, uses AI, machine-learning, and blockchain to speed up and secure the funding process after catastrophes.