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How to Create a Cordova Plugin from Scratch

You’ve browsed Cordova’s 2,880 plugins and you couldn’t quite find the one that you were looking for. You’ve scratched your head, you’ve scratched your chin, and you’ve even scratched your back only to learn that no amount of scratching will help you acquire the native functionality you’re looking for. You have to build the plugin from… scratch.


Nine Principles of DevOps Made Possible with Low-Code

DevOps is about bridging the gap between development and operations. Low-code development platforms help cross that chasm.

Platform in Action

PEACE Out: A Leading Insurer Cuts Development Time from 6 Months to 21 Days to Help Victims of Terrorist Attacks

See how an insurer shortened development time of a digital policy app from 6 months to 21 days, helping address a clear and present danger.