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What is a Microservice?

Monoliths, SOA, and microservices—oh, my! You might have heard the buzz around the latest enterprise architecture trend. But what are microservices, really? Find out in this article by Stanley Idesis.


Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation (and What to Do About It?) - Part 3: Achieve DevOps Advantages With Low-Code

In the 2018 State of App Dev survey, IT pros told us that, despite investing heavily in tools, their organizations were still in the early stages of DevOps. In the third part of Nigel Warren's series, find out how low-code can advance DevOps in your organization.

Platform in Action

A Sip of Digital Transformation

To get ahead in the competitive global wine market, you can't afford sour grapes. Learn how OutSystems partner Deloitte helped European wine producer Sogrape increase its efficiency and, most importantly, the quality of its wines.