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What can low-code do for me? How does it work? Where does it fit in my digital transformation strategy? Get answers to these questions plus the latest insights from a vibrant community of people who’ve been there and done that.

Dev Zone

9 Reasons Why Developers Are Embracing Low-Code

Rummaging through recent developer feedback on TrustRadius and Gartner Peer Reviews led to the discovery of the low-code qualities developers tend to favor. Here’s what they liked (from least-frequently mentioned to most).


Are Mid-Sized Businesses the Squeezed Middle?

Who is struggling most with digital transformation? Analysis from our State Of Application Development 2018 survey has the answer. Find out why mid-sized businesses are part of the squeezed middle and what it means in this article.

Platform in Action

Using Low-Code to Drive Digital Transformation in Insurance? It's Just Good Policy

It's been 14 years since Liberty Seguros became an OutSystems client, and its CIO has a number of interesting stories to tell about using low-code to drive the digital transformation needed to address industry disruption. Get his take on the industry today and why he believes OutSystems is the way forward for insurers.