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Who Leads and Who Lags in the Race for IT Speed?

How fast does your organization respond to change? Whether you're a leader or a laggard, take a look at this article to learn a few steps you can follow to increase your business agility and application development speed.

BPM Software: How to Choose the Right Solution to Accelerate Your Business

Are you looking to digitalize your business processes? Then you probably already know there are several process automation tools to choose from. From workflow management tools and RPA to traditional BPM software, you name it. Check out this article to learn how to choose the right one based on your business needs.

Dev Zone

Component Architecture: 3 Reasons to Invest in One

In times of uncertainty when speed is paramount, a component-based architecture can be a developer's best friend. Check out this article to learn why you should invest in one in your upcoming next dev projects.

Introducing the Case Management Framework: Case Management Apps Made Easy

By now, you might have heard about the OutSystems Case Management Framework. Check it out this article to learn all the technical juice behind it and get ready to start building custom-fit business processes and case management apps incredibly fast.