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How Data-Focused Businesses Are Cutting the Shackles to Embrace Digital Transformation

Outdated business processes and technologies can tie businesses down and prevent digitization and modernization. Learn how 3 IT leaders are cutting the shackles to digitize their business.

From Omnichannel to Multiexperience: Continuously Evolving the Customer Journeys of the Future

You may think multiexperience is the same as multichannel and omnichannel. Well, it's not. Learn the difference between these three terms and why it is time to become multiexperience.

Dev Zone

Giving Notifications More Attention: A Conversation with Troy Goode

Notifications are everywhere — but not all of them are created equal. In this episode of the Decoded podcast, Troy Goode of Courier sits down with host Sydney Lai to talk about designing and building notifications that get the right kind of attention.

OSDC 2021 Recap: The Future of Software Development Starts Here

Did you miss OutSystems Developer Conference? Here's everything you need to know, from what's new in the product and training to education programs and, of course, our beloved Developer Community. Take a look!