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The OutSystems Mission

OutSystems was founded with a very clear mission in mind: to give every company the power to innovate through software - a statement that is still as important today as it was on our first day. How are we fulfilling this mission, you ask? By following four fundamental principles that any company must know if they want to succeed in today's ecosystem. Find what they are in this article.


Is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Still Important?

As the volume and velocity of digital transformation efforts accelerate, is application lifecycle management still relevant? In this blog post, we'll look at the state of ALM today and introduce you to an emerging approach more focused on value delivery called Value Stream Management.

CRN Names OutSystems to Their Mobile 100 List

To help solution providers meet their clients’ mobility needs with the best technology and services from IT suppliers, CRN announced their 2021 Mobile 100 List — and OutSystems was included as a leading mobile application development platform.  Find out why in this blog post. 

Dev Zone

Web Components: A Native Component Model for UI

Web components: what are they and how can you use them? And should you use them in OutSystems? Join Front-end Developer Bernardo Cardoso as he answers all your questions.

Understanding Blockchain Development Through Chainlink

Blockchain technology is reshaping business relationships and processes. This week on the Decoded Podcast, Patrick Collins, developer advocate at Chainlink, tells us all about how Chainlink builds safer oracle solutions to minimize code vulnerabilities for businesses.