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What can low-code do for me? How does it work? Where does it fit in my digital transformation strategy? Get answers to these questions plus the latest insights from a vibrant community of people who’ve been there and done that.

Dev Zone

The User is in the Building: User Research for Enterprise Apps

A good UX designer knows that creating an app people can't wait to adopt takes more than a brilliant design and time at the artboard. Find out what can inspire screens that illustrate a better workflow and make things smoother for everyone.


L(EAP) Into App Insights at the Speed of Low-Code

How would you like to be able to identify and address opportunities and course corrections at the speed of your low-code program? OutSystems Insights can give you that power. Find out what it's all about and how customers can try it early.

Platform in Action

OutSystems Code Dojo: Winning the Black Belt of Low-Code

When Kiandra IT decided to partner with OutSystems to enhance customer’ experiences, they took a unique approach to learning the platform and built a Code Dojo. See how they used it in four intense rounds and came out winners.