Office Management System


Create a modern, flexible office space for your employees to thrive

Provide your organization with an office management software solution that minimizes real estate costs, ensures employee health & safety, and gives your team the flexibility they need. Utilize real-time data to optimize your office operations and make changes quickly when new regulations arise.

Managing your Office Operations with OutSystems

Give your workforce the flexibility they demand

Make your full remote or hybrid workers’ lives easier by accessing offices safely, or booking a desk or a meeting room. Have your company recognized as an innovative, digitized employer.


Optimize your office space and real-estate costs

Rearrange and optimize your office spaces in a dedicated panel, acting upon real-time data - utilization, occupancy, or movement paths - and transition to a modern, cost-effective workplace.

Prioritize employee health & safety and have it boost your employer brand

Quickly deploy contact tracing, automated sanitization scheduling, and vaccine status-tracking in a single mobile app to conveniently ensure healthy, fully-staffed operations.


Office Management Success Stories

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