Allen & Gledhill Upgrades Employee Experience with A&G Mobile App, Powered by OutSystems

Singapore -  25 April 2023

The law firm has earned accolades as one of the best places to work in Singapore, a testament to its investments in enhancing the work experience for its employees.

Allen & Gledhill (A&G), a leading law firm in Singapore, has partnered with OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance application development, to champion modernisation within the workplace by upgrading their mobile application for employees. As part of A&G’s digital strategy, in-house developers have worked together with OutSystems to roll out the A&G App, which augments employee services within the firm by digitalising legacy processes and speeding up administrative tasks, resulting in improved operational efficiency and a conducive work environment.

With over 120 years of experience in the legal field, A&G’s success is in part driven by keeping modernisation at the forefront to best serve its clients. Following the shift towards remote and hybrid work, A&G recognised the opportunity to digitalise its organisational processes and be well-equipped to deliver first-rate legal services for clients in the current age.

Prior to partnering with OutSystems, A&G’s employee e-services were hosted on on-premise servers, which limited its use via the company’s intranet, preventing it from being truly mobile and accessible for staff. The new application developed on the OutSystems high-performance low-code platform allows the firm’s 800 employees in Singapore access to a wide range of corporate services, office management functions and company updates in real-time via their mobile devices and web browsers. The application streamlines workflows and processes while heightening employee engagement, enabling A&G’s teams to have more time to focus on providing better value for clients.

“Driving innovation and improved operational efficiency is essential across industries to remain competitive, especially in this hybrid working era. In the service market, highly regulated industries such as the legal industry still rely on manual processes to achieve its outcomes. Through this partnership, A&G is taking bold steps to drive modernisation. We are committed to bolstering employee engagement and strengthening capabilities towards developing extensive digital infrastructure at A&G,” said Mark Weaser, Vice President of Asia Pacific at OutSystems.

Leveraging the OutSystems high-performance low-code technology, A&G was able to efficiently deploy both web-based and mobile applications on the cloud that had a sophisticated look and feel. OutSystems infrastructure and educational resources also helped remove overheads for A&G’s lean development team by offering easy-to-understand licensing models, offering application hosting and reducing development learning curves.

“As a legal firm, we believe not just in the importance of remaining digitally adept, but in utilising technology to ultimately elevate the overall client experience at Allen & Gledhill. We are therefore committed to a well-rounded digital transformation strategy that spans internal system infrastructure, employee workflows and client touchpoints. With new cloud-based technologies and digital workflows enhancing productivity for our staff, we hope that this will help us continue delivering the best quality legal services for all our existing and future clients.” said Darren Chan, Head of IS at Allen & Gledhill.

A&G developed the mobile application within six months, equipped with features such as Covid-19 declaration forms, a company events calendar and staff directories. Since the application was introduced in September 2022, A&G has continued to refine the platform, which now consolidates features such as employee e-Namecards, internal Electric Vehicle bookings and the upcoming Meeting Room reservation system.

Adopting a high-performance low-code development platform enabled A&G to develop applications in an agile manner, without any additional infrastructure overheads. As the law firm moves forward, the IT team has in place a roadmap to redevelop its legacy workflows as well as new digital workflows to replace manual processes.

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