OutSystems for Virtual Care


Build customized, secure, and scalable virtual care experiences

With OutSystems’ high-performance low-code, you can build personalized digital healthcare apps that meet the highest security standards, and that can scale at the pace of your needs.

Accelerate time to market

Speed up the development of virtual care solutions and ensure healthcare professionals engagement like Luz Saúde, which used the speed and agility of visual development to bring their physicians ideas to life quicker.

Create fully customized experiences

Create your unique healthcare apps like ATC did by fully customizing user interfaces and integrations, and leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, ML and IoT, to deliver complex and ground-breaking solutions.

sander-blok-avatar Omar Shraim, Senior IT Director, ATC

“We kept hitting the wall with limitations on delivering what the Kuwait Ministry of Health needed in its facilities. We have to deliver applications of high complexity and at customized functionality and integration. OutSystems simply provided that.”

Gain trust with enterprise-grade security and scalability

Build healthcare solutions that meet the highest standards of security and compliance to create trust among your users and drive adoption. Like Medtronic, you can’t be sure how many users your virtual care solution will have, but the OutSystems’ platform ensures you that the performance is always top-quality for 50 or 50 million users.

sander-blok-avatar Karel Nouwen, Senior IT Director at Medtronic

“We wanted a secure platform that would allow us to build the capabilities we needed quickly and easily—and that’s what OutSystems offers. (...) We can use the platform to quickly scale without the need for an equally scalable wallet.”

Build full-blown platforms with the resources you have

Develop everything you need from frontends to backends, to integrations, using only your existing resources, just like Cognomie did to launch an innovative mental fitness solution in just 12 weeks.

sander-blok-avatar KTim Kneen, Director at Cognomie

“Calling this a project doesn’t do it justice. This was building an entire business platform from scratch, and with OutSystems, we were able to do so in a matter of weeks. I can’t believe how much we’ve achieved in a small space of time with the budget we had.”

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