Perfect-Fit Apps for Best-in-Class
Field Service Organizations

Create perfect-fit field service applications and infuse your field service organization with modern technology to become more efficient, agile, and transparent while differentiating your service offerings.

Field Service Management Your Way

With OutSystems, your field service apps conform to your unique business needs (not to a platform).

Building Perfect-Fit Field Service Applications

Ditch the hassle of your field services COTS package by creating apps built for change in OutSystems.

Field Service Apps That Are Just Right for You

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

No one knows your business better than you. So, why settle for off-the-shelf field service solutions that don’t address 100% of your requirements or pay for functionality that you don’t need? With OutSystems, you design and deliver the things that matter most to your business, such as:

  • Increasing your first-time-fix rate
  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better technician enablement
  • Moving field services from a cost center to a profit center
  • Creating competitive advantage

Optimize Your Field Service Operations

Your field organization is under pressure to meet ever-rising customer expectations while still being efficient enough to keep up service margins. Traditional efficiency built into off-the-shelf solutions will only get you so far. Perfect-fit applications created with OutSystems open up a new world of efficiency that drives your business forward, not backwards, by:

Combining multiple systems and applications into a single field service portal

Eliminating (or reducing) paper-based processes

Decreasing turnaround and worker ramp-up times

Achieving consistent service and quality levels

Improving technician job satisfaction

Empower Your Field

No matter what kind of service workforce you have, OutSystems can give them an intuitive first-class user experience. Ramp-up times are faster and they get all the information they need at the point of service. You don’t have to sacrifice look-and-feel to get applications that:

Work offline or with intermittent connectivity

Capture pictures, comments, signatures, or other information

Address information gaps

Enable contractor and employee access management

Ready for Change

Making changes shouldn't lead to manual workarounds or take up the time and resources needed to improve your business. Field service applications created with OutSystems support the evolution of your business and your customers’ needs with:

  • App changes and additions applied over time without business disruption
  • Apps that can be updated on mobile devices without reinstallation
  • Accommodations for bringing your own device (BYOD)

Field Service Meets Real-Time

Your business now demands decisions that are fast and accurate, and your customers expect prompt and perfect service. You are ready for these challenges with a field service solution created with OutSystems that integrates real-time data into your app to deliver:

  • Up-to-the-minute views of your customer and your team’s interactions with the customer
  • Audits, regulatory, and SLA compliance monitoring
  • Location, status, and asset tracking and awareness
  • Inventory or parts levels
Rick Virmani
"The Mobile Inspector App seamlessly integrates with the back-end, so everything users see on the screen is in real time. The new app reduces inspection times by 25% and eliminates the need for frequent trips back into the office. And the cost of ongoing enhancements is an estimated 50% less than it was before adopting OutSystems." Rick Virmani, Development Services Systems Manager, City of Las Vegas

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Deliver New Field Service Applications Faster Than Customizing Old Tech

Say “Yes” More Often

You install a package and immediately the customization begins. Fragility ensues and any possible gains from the custom work are outweighed by risk, poor performance, and even failure. Buying a new package just starts the process over, while the business waits and waits. Why not build a field service solution that is a perfect fit and that changes can’t break—in as little as 8 weeks instead of months? OutSystems makes that possible with:

Out-of-the box integration and reusable and pre-built components

Management of the full lifecycle

1-click deployments to any touchpoint

Application auditing

In-app feedback

Field Service Apps Built by Your Team

If the idea of an overabundance of specialized and full-stack developers sounds great, but just isn’t in the budget, OutSystems can make it seem real without costly outsourcing. Deliver the ideal field service management solution you need with the team you already have, thanks to:

More than 140 UX/UI patterns, templates, and controls so you don’t have to design and build from scratch

One code base for multiple devices and form-factors

Everything needed to build applications that run offline or in poor network conditions

Out-of-the-box integration to your back-end systems

No Integration Pain, All Gain

OutSystems makes integration with existing and new systems easy. Developers can just configure an integration connector instead of writing (and rewriting) custom code. This is much faster and far less error-prone. And when you are ready to add IoT or AI/ML to your applications, we have you covered there, too. Here are a few examples where OutSystems takes the pain out of integrating:

  • Out-of-the-box integration for common sources such as SOAP, REST, files, databases, and SAP
  • Hundreds of connectors freely available in the OutSystems Forge: cloud services and storage, CRMs and ERPs, mapping and ArcGIS, specialty data sources, help desk, collaboration, and more

Did Mobile Just Change Again? Relax

Mobile device screens, menus, buttons, and screen sizes are in constant flux, leaving mobile app developers scrambling. But not with OutSystems. Your field services apps can adapt to different form-factors. Plus, OutSystems regularly adds support for new mobile operating systems so you can keep pace, which is perfect for bring-your-own-device environments. Our advanced mobile features include:

  • UI library for cross-platform, pixel-perfect experiences
  • Secure offline capabilities
  • Prebuilt plugins for native device capabilities and sensors
  • Extensible platform to build custom plugins for native SDKs

Check out why Gartner named OutSystems a leader in their 2018 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms.

Future-Proof, Perfect-Fit Field Service Apps for Peace of Mind

Applications built with OutSystems rely on standard architectures and frameworks. No proprietary components, runtime engines, or interpreters required. Your new field service apps are generated into a fully open, standard, optimized, and documented set of server and client components. And, your intellectual property remains yours. OutSystems is always evolving to ensure:

Your field service applications will continue to benefit from new technology and frameworks

High re-use with its modular design approach and application logic can be re-used across different touchpoints and devices

You control your own roadmap and retain your IP

You can tackle legacy modernization at your own pace

Warren Strong
"Getting on the OutSystems platform has been a huge benefit for us. We do all of our in-house development on OutSystems. Our developers are more productive, we build faster, and we’re able to meet deadlines." Warren Strong, CIO, YESCO

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