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For one developer. Everything you need to build your apps. Free Forever.
Unlimited app users
Unlimited apps
1 Environment
Community Support
Host on shared cloud
Free Online Training

Enterprise Trial

For evaluation of unlimited enterprise features. Free for 30 days.
Unlimited app users
Unlimited apps
1 Development Environment
1 Production Environment
Same as Free plus
Platform Expert Support
Hosted on Private Cloud, Public Cloud, hybrid, or on-premises
Free Online Training


Unlimited scale for building and managing your enterprise app portfolio.
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Scale up to unlimited app users
Scale up to unlimited apps
Scale up to unlimited environments
Same as Enterprise Trial plus
Standard (8x7) or
Premium Support (24x7)
Hosted on Private Cloud, Public Cloud, hybrid, or on-premises
Free Online Training
Customer Onboarding Program
Customer Success Program
Application Delivery Services

Options and Configurations

OutSystems for SAP

If you are creating solutions for SAP, OutSystems for SAP provides a streamlined experience for delivering these apps so they captivate and engage end users.
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OutSystems for Azure

With OutSystems on Azure, you can maintain the standards, security and reliability you have come to know and trust from Microsoft while developing fast and beautiful applications in OutSystems.
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OutSystems Public Cloud (PaaS)

OutSystems Public Cloud is an open and complete platform powered by Amazon Web Services so you are assured of a trusted environment that grows with you and your organization.
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Questions about Pricing

How do people normally start?

Developers normally start with the FREE (forever) or an Enterprise trial when evaluating for their enterprise. After the trial ends, they upgrade to the Enterprise edition.

What is included in the free edition?

The free edition includes everything you need to build and deploy any mobile or web application. It’s hosted in the cloud and is free forever. It is suited for small applications with dozens of users and its database is limited to 2GB. If you are looking to build mission-critical or heavy usage apps consider an enterprise subscription.

Is the free edition really really free? Until when?

Yes, free is completely free. There are no hidden costs and a credit card is not required. You can simply sign-up and get started immediately.

How does the free trial work?

It’s simple: You’ll have unlimited access to all of OutSystems features and access to an OutSystems platform expert who can answer your questions. After 30 days, we’ll ask you if you’re interested in moving forward; if so, we’ll get you set up with an Enterprise Edition. And, to make sure you don’t feel rushed, we can extend the trial for up to 90 days

Can I deploy OutSystems on-premises?

Yes. The architecture of the OutSystems platform guarantees that there is no loss of functionality when you move from the public cloud to an on-premises installation. You can read more about OutSystems Deployment here...

What kind of support does OutSystems offer?

OutSystems offers a number of support options to ensure you are successful. These include round-the-clock technical support, application development services and the OutSystems Customer Success Program. For details, check out our support services guide...

For more answers, visit our Evaluation Guide. Or, contact us...

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