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Complement your ITSM investment with OutSystems

Leverage your ticketing data and deliver a broad selection of innovative applications that can drive your employee engagement and grow your customer satisfaction.

Boost your IT service management platform with OutSystems

Use high-performance low-code to extend your low-code capabilities beyond the ITSM-centric applications delivered by vendors like ServiceNow, BMC, and IBM. The result? A broad set of strategic applications with pixel-perfect UI, enterprise-grade scalability, and governance.

OutSystems provides

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Broader use cases

Create beautiful built-to-fit B2E, B2C, and critical applications integrated into your ITSM data that scale from the department to the enterprise all from one platform.

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Omnichannel application delivery

Deliver your integrated applications to web, native IOS, or Android to both employees and customers from one code base.

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Deploy on our cloud or yours

Deploy your applications when and where it makes sense for your business - OutSystems cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, or your own private data centers.

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Simple licensing with no surprises

OutSystems pricing is based on the number of users and application complexity. No worrying about hidden costs or additional licensing when you reach the last mile.

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High-performance security

OutSystems IDE generates C#, HTML, Javascript, and SQL code that can be scanned by 3rd party security validation applications.

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Professional developer tooling

OutSystems provides your developers with a true cross-platform IDE optimized for Mac and PC users including shortcuts, menus, and button positioning.

Examples of customers using OutSystems integrated into their ITSM solutions


Energy Group EDP Shared Services Unit Increases Customer Satisfaction by 17% in One Year.

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Total Produce

Total Produce Delivers Daily Fruit to UK Schools With OutSystems.

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Oakland Delivers Transformative Digital Services for Residents to Save $1 Million.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the use case, leveraging ServiceNow's tools might be sufficient. However, if the business purpose requires world-class mobile, innovative user journeys, or the ability to provide direct customer or partner access to your ticketing data, the OutSystems low-code platform would be a better choice.

For a vanilla and standard employee tracking application, a COTS solution is acceptable. However, if the use case is more complex and needs 3rd party integrations, native mobile, and innovative user journeys, using OutSystems can provide a better ROI in less time and less cost than buying, deploying and customizing an existing ITSM vendor’s solution.

Great question! While many of the ITSM vendors allow you to build internal apps, the learning curve or the additional licensing required to get exactly what you need may be cost-prohibitive.

We’ve also noticed that better looking applications drive higher levels of employee engagement when internal apps are tailored to the user requirements instead of the user having to deal with what the application wants.

OutSystems allows you to build great-looking web and native internal applications that integrate seamlessly into systems of record like ServiceNow or IBM with less cost and effort than using their own tooling.

See how our high-performance low-code platform is different