Employee Self-service


Unify your multiple employee and HR systems

Use low-code to quickly aggregate services, features, and functions into a single focal point for your employees. With minimal developer effort and rapid integration capabilities, you can consolidate applications that employees use regularly into an easy-to-use portal, so your workforce finds what they need faster, eliminating the hassle of navigating multiple systems.

A custom employee portal built with OutSystems enables you to:

Consolidate the application portfolio to alleviate your IT team and boost business users

Prevent fragmentation, alleviate backlogs, and keep "SaaS sprawl" under control by bringing together all your disparate employee apps into a single portal, so your workforce can find what they need- anytime, anywhere. Make it even easier with a chatbot.


Increase productivity by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks

Digitize processes with ease and accelerate the time it takes to complete various workforce tasks - from benefits enrollment and travel requests to accessing FAQs or downloading payslips.

Harmonize the employee self-service experience to remove friction and app fatigue

Take advantage of easy integration and a wealth of connectors to link communication channels, ticketing systems, and other employee support functions so employees can get everything done in one place.


Use best practices and accelerators to get started even faster

Build easy access to employee services, knowledge management, or collaborative tools with pre-built app templates.

Employee Self-service Success Stories

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