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Telkomsel Modernizes App Dev for Sixfold Agility Boost

Innovation Awards
Winner 2021
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Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest wireless carrier with over 169 million customers, needed to modernize its employee experience “super-app.” The legacy app—developed over two years—used multiple technologies, making enhancements and maintenance too slow and complicated. Telkomsel chose OutSystems to modernize its app dev approach. Its seven developers delivered the modernized app in four months with OutSystems—around six times faster.

  • App Modernization
  • Employee Experience
  • Mobile Applications
  • Workplace Innovation
  • Web Apps & Portals

Legacy Tech Slows Innovation

Telkomsel is Indonesia’s largest wireless carrier with over 169 million customers. The company adopted OutSystems in 2019 to simplify its AppDev technology to reduce the time and cost of development and application maintenance.

Telkomsel needed to improve agility, accelerate time to market, and equip its limited developer resources to be more productive.

“In four months, we rebuilt a legacy system with a two-year development history. It’s not just the speed that’s so important; it’s also the simplification. Now we have one consistent tech stack instead of lots of different technologies, and we can maximize the productivity and flexibility of our existing development resources."

Alva Bharat CIO, Telkomsel

Telkomsel’s development team’s first project was a workplace employee experience “super-app” on mobile with an accompanying portal. The project involved migrating a legacy application—developed over two years—and re-platforming it on OutSystems. The objective was to simplify the architecture and improve the application’s maintainability, as the legacy app involved multiple technologies that made it hard for Telkomsel’s development team to support and extend.

Why Telkomsel chose OutSystems:
  • Speed-up development and improve agility
  • Deliver web and mobile applications
  • Decrease application maintenance cost

Two Years to Four Months—Modernization with OutSystems Proves Six Times Faster

Development started in June 2019, with four internal developers supported by three developers from an OutSystems delivery partner. The agile project involved five sprints over a four-month delivery schedule.

The super-app provides four primary services: Human Resources, General, IT Services, and Finance. Functionality includes timesheets, leave requests, travel requests, work permits, emergency alerts, and much more. The product already has 60 modules, and its development roadmap will add many more features in the months ahead.


From Employee Experience “Super-app” to 10 More Apps and Counting

The super-app, called “Moana,” gives employees easy access to commonly required service requests and dramatically simplifies the employee onboarding process, thanks to the self-explanatory mobile app and portal. The app demonstrates how customer-centricity and the voice and needs of employees are core principles of Telkomsel’s digital transformation approach.

Telkomsel now uses OutSystems for all kinds of digital transformation projects. The development team has already delivered a further ten applications, including portals, digital documentation and process workflows, and an innovation management solution.