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  • one-lisbon-hcard
    ONE Conference Gathers Low-Code Developers

    During a two-day event in Lisbon, the ONE Conference gathered low-code developers and industry leaders from all over the world. Discover the highlights of the event.

    14 septembre 2023

  • new-series-low-code-development-schools-hcard
    OutSystems Launches Low-Code Development Schools

    OutSystems unveiled five new public courses in as part of its highly acclaimed Developer School program.

    21 août 2023

  • commitment-to-public-sector-through-fedramp-compliant-platform-hcard
    OutSystems Deepens Commitment to Public Sector through Investment in a FedRAMP Compliant High-Performance Low-Code Development Platform

    OutSystem is investing in a FedRAMP compliant version of its cutting edge cloud-native development solution, OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC).

    18 août 2023

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Latest News Coverage

  • logo-card-american-banker
    The tech shortcut that's speeding payments innovation

    Coppel Access and Lender comment on adopting low-code.

    11 septembre 2023

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  • logo-card-lemagit
    L’IA générative menace-t-elle les plateformes low-code/no-code?

    Alexandre Cozette fait le point sur l’avenir de l’IA dans le développement

    06 septembre 2023

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  • logo-card-les-echos
    Le métier de développeur a encore un grand avenir

    Paulo Rosado perçoit l'émergence de l'IA comme une opportunité pour les développeurs

    28 août 2023

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