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If you are looking to rapidly develop and deliver custom mobile and web enterprise applications, there are several PaaS (platform as a service) solutions to consider, each with its own strengths. When investigating options, Mendix is sometimes cited as a solution for accelerating development, and indeed, it does offer time-to-market advantages over most traditional approaches. Its model-oriented focus caters to business analysts, who can get to results quickly. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of openness, power, and flexibility.  The approach of OutSystems Platform is that of a developer-focused solution for enterprise systems that doesn’t make these sacrifices, yet can still cater to the needs of business analysts looking for app-building simplicity. 

Rather than locking customers to a proprietary cloud, OutSystems Platform can be deployed as a cloud, on-premises or hybrid solution. Further, OutSystems Platform generates standard Java and .NET applications, so it’s open and flexible while catering to the needs of the business. The solution also includes a highly automated delivery pipeline (continuous integration and delivery) that provides unprecedented efficiency managing the entire lifecycle of applications (DevOps). Customers get more flexibility without ultimately being held hostage by proprietary development and infrastructure layers.

Mendix vs OutSystems: At-a-Glance



OutSystems Platform

Lock-in: relies on proprietary Mendix runtime/interpreter to run apps.


Agnostic of platforms and data sources; customers can “detach” their apps as Java or .NET and keep 100% of their IP; mobile app componentry is open source.

Custom (e.g. Oracle) database integrations are unwieldy and time-consuming; requires re-implementing mission-critical stored procedures and functions.


Even complex custom database integrations can be done in minutes; reuses existing database logic with no re-tooling.

No data safety - deleting model elements deletes corresponding data in the database; no change support for custom SQL.


Unique TrueChange functionality works on-the-fly, ensuring error-free changes across all application components (logic, UI, processes, data model).

 No Server-Side or Code Lock-in

Mendix apps are built using visual models (great!) that require a proprietary runtime environment (not so great!). Although they try to spin this as forward-thinking, in reality it means that anyone building an app cannot separate their IP from that proprietary layer, nor the dependency on it for functional uptime and performance. What happens if a customer wants to leave Mendix? Even if that layer is free, how are the applications (your company intellectual property) changed and maintained over time? OutSystems Platform, on the other hand, is one of the most open application development platforms available today. It generates native, documented C# or Java code. Application data in OutSystems is transparently stored in standard SQL, giving users direct access the underlying database. Furthermore, OutSystems customers can choose whatever development or deployment model suits - cloud, on-premises and a hybrid approach - and move freely between them as needs dictate.

Proven Performance for Serious Enterprise Grade Apps

OutSystems Platform generates native Java or .NET code with a large set of optimizations suited for highly complex and demanding applications. OutSystems applications run directly on the underlying infrastructure with no need for a proprietary runtime interpreter. Because Mendix apps are interpreted, application performance is limited to that of their runtime engine, rather than proven enterprise technologies like Java and .NET.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

With Mendix, integration with existing databases requires writing custom Java code to access the database, including the need to ensure that security and transaction-handling are correctly implemented. OutSystems Platform dramatically simplifies complex integration projects by automatically generating integration components for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and MySQL, with the ability to extend to others like Microsoft Access/Excel, Informix, Sybase, and other relational databases. The solution can also extend to newer NoSQL solutions like Hadoop, CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, and others.

Proven Technology

Hundreds of companies in 25 countries across 22 industries use the enterprise Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform from OutSystems to rapidly deliver custom, enterprise applications while improving IT productivity and reducing their change request backlog. More and more companies are embracing OutSystems Platform to quickly develop and deliver their custom enterprise mobile and web applications. The more applications our customers deliver, the more they appreciate the robust, complete and open OutSystems Platform.

The best way to understand OutSystems Platform is to look at examples of real-world deployments or watch the 2-minute overview of the platform.

If you are ready to try a new way to deliver and manage enterprise applications, contact us to try OutSystems Platform for free.


OutSystems is The Leader in The Forrester Wave™:
Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016

Forrester has identified clear low-code platform leaders with a thorough, 26-point evaluation of the 14 top vendors, including OutSystems, Salesforce, Appian and Mendix.

Forrester Low-Code Development Platforms

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If you are ready to try a new way to deliver and manage enterprise applications, contact us to try OutSystems Platform for free.

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