Why Does the Union Bank of the Philippines use OutSystems?

Ron Puno, Business Process Automation Head at Union Bank of the Philippines, explains why the bank uses OutSystems to deliver all customer-facing digital experiences.

Winner of the OutSystems Innovation Award, Innovator of the Year, 2020—Union Bank has been using OutSystems since 2018. As Ron explains, with OutSystems, the bank is “able to build digital innovations much more rapidly than its competitors.”

The bank has delivered modern user experiences for employees and a wide range of front-end customer experiences at branches and on digital platforms. OutSystems is at the heart of Union Bank’s omnichannel strategy.

In 2020 the bank also used OutSystems to build a contact tracing app in just a matter of days—which Ron describes as a mission-critical part of its COVID business continuity strategy.

So, why does Union Bank use OutSystems? We leave the last words to Ron:

"Quite simply (we use OutSystems) because it's the only way we can develop these digital, high-touch customer experiences at a very rapid pace.
OutSystems has a lot of DevOps capabilities built-in, which allows us to get to market much quicker, developing these digital innovations, and providing superior customer experiences at a much more rapid pace. That's why we use OutSystems."

Ron Puno Business Process Automation Head, Union Bank of the Philippines

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