Monadelphous Discusses its Workforce Management Application “Monawork”

Angus Hatton, Innovation Project Manager at Monadelphous, explains why this leading Australian engineering group uses OutSystems to deliver a workforce engagement app that streamlines communication between the company and its widely distributed engineering staff.

Winner of the OutSystems Innovation Award, Enterprise Transformation, 2020—Monadelphous has been using OutSystems since 2018. As Angus explains, with OutSystems, the engineering group is “transforming the way we communicate with employees.”

So, what attracted Monadelphous to use OutSystems for this innovative project,

"OutSystems provides us with a low risk and minimal IT support requirements."

Angus Hatton Innovation Project Manager, Monadelphous

Working with OutSystems partner Novata Solutions, Monadelphous developed Monawork to streamline employee communications—as they say, “getting everything in one place.”

"Monadelphous needs to communicate with its employees to provide them with the right training, qualification, competency requirements to get them to site. We’re a people business, so it's all about getting the right people to the right jobs at the right time. And that's a better outcome for all."

Angus Hatton Innovation Project Manager, Monadelphous

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