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NES Financial—Predictability and Speed of Change

Izak Joubert, Group CTO of NES Financial, explains why this Fintech has “never looked back” since adopting OutSystems.

Orchestrating the Art of the Impossible Using Low-Code to Automate Manual Workflows - NextStep2019

Join Standard Insurance Company and hear how OutSystems helped them automate and minimize manual work steps resulting in across-the-board efficiencies that saved time and money.

Persistent Session - Disrupted or Disruptor… It's Your Business

Hear how Persistent Systems is helping customers transform their core using digital software and services to improve the customer experience and automate business processes.

Speed up Development by Turning Web Blocks Into First-Class Citizens - NextStep2019

In this talk, we will present an approach, and a couple of tools, that help promote web blocks to first class citizens.

Responsive UI with Realtime Database - NextStep2019

With the power of Google's Firebase, we can interact with those events in OutSystems to build extreme powerful and interactive applications.

How to Attract and Train Talent in Highly Competitive Markets - NextStep2019

In this presentation, Tiago Gafeira from Do iT Lean will present the 3 skills and behaviors Do iT Lean looks for when identifying top talent and talk about how they attract new team members in a highly competitive market.

OutSystems + Firebase = Mobile Ronaldo - NextStep2019

In this talk, we will share how to take advantage of a wide range of Firebase tools to know your mobile app and users.

Automating Supply Chain Operations Using RPA and Low-Code - NextStep2019

See the result of combining OutSystems Low-Code, and RPA from uiPath, including a reimagined Rebate Program that has cut input time by a third and is creating efficiencies and transparencies throughout the company.

Intro to the Data Grid - NextStep2019

In this session, you'll see the Data Grid component in action, and learn how to use it for a variety of common scenarios.

Measure Customer Experience of Your OutSystems Web and Mobile Applications - NextStep2019

Start measuring customer experience of your OutSystems web and mobile applications in real-time, by adding 3rd party instrumentation from New Relic or Dynatrace to your OutSystems app.

Entering the O-Zone: OutSystems on an Existing Oracle Database - NextStep2019

In this presentation, we explore the possibilities of organizations leveraging their investment in custom line-of-business (LOB) apps based on an Oracle database.

Really Productive Apps with RPA - NextStep2019

Join us as we discuss the similarities and differences between RPA and low-code and address their use-cases in your own organization.