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How to Create Frictionless Experiences for Your Customers Trough Technology

Join our interactive talk with Rui Tomás, Consumer Innovation Director at Jerónimo Martins to hear how they are using IT to build a culture of innovation & how to prepare the company for the future for continued success and increased ROI.

OutSystems and AWS: Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Why do OutSystems and AWS click together so well? Jacob Bogie, Lead Solutions Architect - Tech Alliances, and Matthew Girdharry, Global Lead, DevOps, AppSec, discuss the great working relationship that has developed between the two companies.

JTC Americas—Predictability and Speed of Change

Izak Joubert, Group CTO of JTC Americas, explains why this Fintech has “never looked back” since adopting OutSystems.

How Lucro Commercial Solutions Improved Loan Processing Agility with OutSystems

Thanks to OutSystems, it took Lucro Commercial Solutions and partner Truewind only seven days to deliver a customized Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) application process for thousands of small businesses in the wake of COVID-19. The solution helped Lucro process more than 7,000 applications and $110,000 million in loans.

8 Minutes that Could Literally Save Your Life - NextStep2019

Come see how one company developed a disruptive new health and wellness platform, developed using low-code, that can measure 30 vital health parameters in less than 8 minutes!

Automated Testing for Businesses integrated with Low-Code Environment - NextStep2019

Join us as we explore the best practices and advantages of automated testing and how you can use it, along with OutSystems low-code, in your organization.

Automating Supply Chain Operations Using RPA and Low-Code - NextStep2019

See the result of combining OutSystems Low-Code, and RPA from uiPath, including a reimagined Rebate Program that has cut input time by a third and is creating efficiencies and transparencies throughout the company.

Banking Accelerators: Designing and Implementing Complete Digital Strategies in Months - Denver - NextStep2019

Hear how banking accelerators eKYC, LOS and Retail Mobile Banking are helping to enable banks with limited budgets and technology access, to design and implement a complete digital strategy within just a few months.

Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Solution Improves End-to-End Automotive Visibility - NextStep2019

The automotive industry is primed for a single source of tracking truth and low-code is the perfect medium to help achieve it. Hear more about this innovative use of the blockchain and how it is creating transparency across the entire supply chain.

Driving Innovation Forward at Vinturas with Blockchain Technology

Operating in the supply chain of finished vehicles, Vinturas needed a reliable solution that would be accessible across the board — from manufacturing and shipping to the arrival at the dealer. With multiple touchpoints, transparency and real-time updates is crucial. By using blockchain technology, Vinturas now has a secure infrastructure for encrypted data sharing and document processing that can easily evolve to meet the needs of their customers and changing industry.

Branching Your Way to Low-Code Perfection - NextStep2019

With the introduction of code branching into the OutSystems platform, development teams have the flexibility to collaborate more effectively.

Automating Your Way to Greatness by Combining OutSystems CI/CD With the Power of Jenkins and Azure - NextStep2019

As customer factories have grown and CI/CD pipelines have become more complex, OutSystems has developed an integration with some of the leading CI/CD DevOps tools in the market, Jenkins, and Azure DevOps.