eCommerce Catalog

  • Build a simple retail catalog and product listing page
  • Deploy your app to production with just one click
  • Later, integrate directly with your company’s data and systems
  • Go on to build a production ecommerce tool for your organization
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In this eCommerce Catalog template

Bringing a new ecommerce site to production takes a fraction of the time with OutSystems.

Create an online store and back-end fulfillment management system perfectly tailored to your company’s needs, without the compromises of pre-built systems.

Built using these accelerators:

product gallery iconProduct Gallery

product detail iconProduct Detail

payments iconPayments (Add Credit Card)

shopping cart iconShopping Cart

contact information iconContact Form

shopping cart iconUser Profile

shop location mapMap with Shop Locations

Using this template


Once Service Studio loads, enter the username and password you chose at registration. Use these to log into your OutSystems personal development environment.


The retail catalog template will open, starting with a video overview of what you’re about to do.


Once the intro video is complete, an interactive tutorial will guide you through the first steps of creating your retail catalog and product listing page.


The tutorial is just the beginning, giving you a glimpse of how OutSystems enables developers like you to build scalable, enterprise grade software fast. Now that you’ve tried OutSystems, it’s time to dive deeper into what OutSystems has to offer.

What you’ll do:

Build a simple retail catalog work and product listing page

How long you need:

Around 5 minutes

What you’ll need:
  • A free OutSystems account
  • The OutSystems IDE, Service Studio (requires Windows).

How to Get Started

First, register for a free OutSystems account. After registration:

  • You’ll download the OutSystems IDE, Service Studio.
  • Your browser will redirect you to your Platform Home page, which is the dashboard for your OutSystems account.

NOTE: It can take a few minutes to set up your OutSystems cloud environment. Once ready, Platform Home will let you know and you can open Service Studio.