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File Transfer Plugin

Stable version 2.1.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Published on 16 November 2021 by 
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File Transfer Plugin

Upload and download files in the background in your native application.
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Give the ability to your mobile application to upload / download files in the background, allowing the user to continue using the application and even terminate it. 

This component provides client side actions and blocks to quickly enable the use of download and upload in the background functionalities.
About File Manager
This plugin provides an advanced file download functionality that persists beyond app termination, runs in the background and continues even when the user closed/suspended the application. The plugin includes progress updates and primarily designed for long-term transfer operations for resources like video, music, and large images.
MABS Compatibility

The latest version (2.1.3) of File Transfer Plugin is compatible with the supported MABS versions available: 

  • MABS 8.0

  • MABS 7.0 

  • MABS 6.3 

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What’s new (2.1.4)
  • Updated dependency to File Plugin, adding requestLegacyExternalStorage flag for Android 10.
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