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Azure AD Login Connector

Stable version 1.4.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Azure AD Login Connector

In a modern iteration of the Microsoft Login Connector component for using the Azure Identity Management Platform. Uses the v2.0 authentication endpoints in your Azure tenants.
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In order to use the v2.0 version of the Azure AD authentication endpoints, this component was created as an evolution on top of the popular Forge component, Microsoft Login Connector, which is built on top of the v1.0 version of the same endpoints.

There are several fundamental differences between the two versions. Without getting into too many details, one of the primary differences is the concept of Resources went away and was replaced with Scopes in combination with user consent flows. This component supports the usage of Scopes.

To learn more about the differences between the endpoints, you can read more at the Microsoft Identity Platform Documentation.

Release notes (1.4.0)

New Features:

  • Library now supports the client_credentials flow! It will cache tokens until expiration in a table similarly to how tokens are stored for delegated user access and authentication. 
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in version 1.3.1
Excellent connector application for unified auth.