Facebook Login Plugin

Stable version 2.0.8 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Facebook Login Plugin

Facebook login plugin, natively integrated with IOS and Android.
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This component will be deprecated in 2022, please take a look at the Social Login Plugin as an alternative.

Natively login to facebook using the device's native facebook app credentials. 

  • Login and Logout using simple actions
  • Access the full breath of Facebook's GraphAPI
  • Add more permissions for your app to get the level of clearance you need

NOTE: some assembly required (you know, facebook app setup and such...)

NOTE2: The more permissions you request, the more clearance you will need from Facebook's Login Review procedures (can be manual, depending on the type of permissions)

What’s new (2.0.8)

- Compatibility with MABS 6.3 and MABS 7

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