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Created on 17 April 2017
Image Utilities (Resize, Crop, Identify width & height, Get & Fix Orientation, Sharpening, Watermark) for Mobile Apps using JS Canvas. Currently only tested for Chrome browser and Android (as I don't have Mac/Safari/iPhone)
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Client-side mobile action:

1. Resize: resize any binary data to a Maximum Width or Height (maintain aspect ratio), auto sharpen & fix orientation...

2. Crop: crop any binary data to a specific dimension

3. Identify: identify width, height and orientation, file size in bytes of binary data

4. GetOrientation: get orientation of image file (only source binary data with EXIF info)

5. FixOrientation: fix image orientation by orientation input parameter or automatically without orientation input parameter (only source binary data with EXIF info)

6. Sharpen: sharpen image

7. AddImageWatermark: add an image as watermark to source image...

All actions except Identify and Resize, are available as functions (can be used in expression).

Due to limitation of Outsystems 11, those actions are not available anymore as functions.


- GetOrientation will failed if used on Resize/Crop image binary data output, use it on original image binary data.

- This is not a UI Cropper (where you can control using touch interaction), use Cropper Mobile instead.

- Currently only tested for Chrome browser and Android (as I don't have Mac/Safari/iPhone)

Sample/How-to App has been published:

Anyone want to donate :)

I received donation through Paypal at

What’s new (2.0.2)

Updated to comply for Outsystems 11...

Is Function property have been changed from Yes to No on some actions, because of limitation of Outsystems 11.

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