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PDFSharp - Fillable PDF

Stable version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 05 June 2019 by 
 (10 ratings)

PDFSharp - Fillable PDF

Fills fillable PDF Files using PDF Sharp.
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  • The tool that I used to create the PDF files in the demo app was Foxit, using a free trial (https://www.foxit.com/pdf-editor/). Most free web tools generate corrupted PDF files, so it's important to use a tool that guarantees the generation of good PDF files.
  • It's important to remove spaces from field names when creating your fillable PDF to prevent errors.
  • For more info and instructions, please go to: https://medium.com/@pmiguelramalho/pdfsharp-fillable-pdf-a-new-outsystems-component-20c7832093c3
Release notes (1.1.0)

Added the possibility to choose if the output file is Read-Only or not.

Reviews (5)
by Nindo
28 Jun
in version 1.1.0
Great component. Like others, I had issues getting my PDFs to work properly. My work around was to use convert each page of the PDF I wanted to use to a PNG. From there, I used Adobe Acrobat -> Tools -> Prepare Form. By default, Adobe identified and labeled a lot of the fillable form spots I needed. It wasn't 100% accurate so I had to add/edit fields myself in Acrobat too. Outside of that issue this component works like a charm!
26 Mar
in version 1.1.0
Unlinke many other PDF assets here at Forge, this actually works.
However the author really needs to provide information on how he has created the pdf and the editable fiels, meaning which tool.
I have tried several tools on the internet to create a custom pdf file with my own fields, but this only results in error when using inside: "PDFSharp - Fillable PDF" asset.
Not being able to use your own custom pdf files makes this assets rather useless.
in version 1.1.0
Amazing component, just needs to support more fillable fields.