Twilio Connector

Stable Version 2.1.1 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.1, 9
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OutSystems MVPs
OutSystems MVPs
Created on 19 September 2014
Twilio Connector allows your OutSystems Applications to use Twilio API to send messages and make voice calls.
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The Twilio Connector offers instant Twilio connectivity, providing you an easy way to interface with the Twilio API. With this API connectivity to the Twilio’s REST API, users can send and receive voice or SMS messages through Twilio.
  • Extend your OutSystems applications and services by creating connectivity with Twilio
  • Make phone calls
  • Send text messages
  • Retrieve call and messages logs

Twilio is a cloud based service that enables powerful communication between mobile devices, applications, services, and systems throughout the business in order to bridge the gap between conventional communication. With Twilio, sales, marketing, and services teams can be more mobile and easily connect to customers at any time, through various mobile platforms.

On versions before v2.1.0 (released on 4 Dec 2018), for the sole purpose of measuring adoption, when the component is published, some details (license type, activation code, platform version) are reported to OutSystems. 
What’s new (2.1.1)

Minor fix.

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