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SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance

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Mobile Plant Maintenance solution is an easy and attractive tool that perfectly fits with your Plant Maintenance and processes. SAP Plant Maintenance processes that do not fit your MRO processes can be extended to make a perfect fit. Our Plant Maintenance Platform has all the benefits of packaged software without limitations.
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Key benefits
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  • Create SAP Plant Maintenance Notifications including photo's online as well as offline with the easy to use Mobile PM solution.
  • Manage Notifications and Plant Maintenance Orders for Equipment or Functional Locations from any location at any time.
  • Drag & drop Plant Maintenance Orders into your Maintenance team's Scheduler for an efficient capacity planning.
Problems Addressed / Key Features
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SAP ERP is both powerful and complex. This leads to potential bottlenecks when it comes to changing business processes. Additions to SAP’s IT landscape make it even more complex instead of bringing solutions closer. A seemingly simple change often requires a considerable number of resources. With the B-Synergy Plant Maintenance Platform for MRO, all your familiar SAP PM functionalities are safely and quickly accessible both online and offline, through smartphone, tablet and web. The availability of data, combined with the simplicity of using the software, make your service and maintenance processes run more efficiently and professionally.

Technical details
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Technical Details coming soon.

Chemical, Agriculture, Mining
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