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PriceWise - Pricing & Rebate Management

by C&F S.A.
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PriceWise is an end-to-end solution for Managing Pricing and Rebate Programs covering each process: client recruitment, contract management, contract tracking, and finally assistance in automatic customer payouts.
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Key benefits
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  • Enhance Program Effectiveness - Easily identify which customers, regions and sales reps are best meeting the performance goals
  • Increase Partner Loyalty - Ensure goals are clearly communicated, accurately measured and quickly paid out to partners
  • Reduce Back-office Workload for Sales Personnel - Automate multiple steps of the process as your volume increases
  • Adapt Faster and Be Competitive - Create new calculation rules without IT involvement and system change
  • Reduce Revenue Leakage - Reduce errors and disputes with rebates by automatizing calculation and tracking performance to agreed-upon goal
  • Easily adapt to various markets and business models - Direct and indirect market channels

Problems Addressed / Key Features
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Planning and executing your rebates and pricing policy effectively is a complex process. PriceWise addresses challenges faced by every stakeholders in the process - from sales representatives, sales managers, to CFO.

Technical details
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Technical Details coming soon.

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