Content Management System

by SolutionWise
First Release on 
25 Jun 2020
Latest Release on 
5 Aug 2020
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Content Management System

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The marketing CMS is an application that helps Marketing Departments manage their content on all available domains. Starting from an Excel file, this OutSystems Application transforms it into an CMS with additional functionalities like automated retrieval of Google Analytics data, Automated checking for broken links and many more…
Key benefits
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  • No more using Excel
  • Stimulates working with multiple colleagues in the same database.
  • Reduces errors because of extensive validations of input fields
  • Single Sign-On Login
  • Automates Google Analytics data lookup
  • Automates Data-Entry by using Wordpress API’s of the connected websites
  • Automates broken link checking by using the Wordpress API and OutSystems BPT Processes
Problems Addressed / Key Features
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  • Centralized database of Marketing Content
  • Automated gathering of statistics
  • Automated link checking
  • Search contents of all articles across your websites
Technical Details
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The application is a reactive Web application made on top of the existing landscape of the Motion10 OutSystems Platform which includes Single Sign On, Extended User entities for pictures, Roles and other information.

Uses the following components:

  • Google Authentication with token Caching (Wrapper around GoogleAPIToken Forge Component)
  • Google Analytics API (in-house development)
  • Wordpress API (in-house development)
  • Cryptographic plugin (in-house development)
  • Microsoft Login Connector (Forge Plugin)
  • Text and HTML Processing (Forge Plugin)
  • ArdoHTTP (Forge Plugin)
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