GetApplicationName action and Application Title behavior in 7.0

GetApplicationName action and Application Title behavior in 7.0

Just wanted to share with you some recent difficulties I had with the Application's Title behavior in 7.0 and how to solve them. Some community members also had trouble with this before.

Credits to Acácio for helping me with this one: «In 7.0 application architecture there are eSpaces marked as "front-end" and "back-end". All others are expected to be "modules"" - meaning eSpaces which inherit the theme of the parent eSpaces (front-end or back-end). GetApplicationName(GetEspaceOwnerIdentifier()) will thus return the name of the application of which the self eSpace is back-end or front-end.»

Replicating the problem

You don't see the title in your Application Header?

2. Check your Application modules in Service Studio
   If it's not marked as front-end or back-end, check if there is any defined in the Application.

3. Since there wasn't, I defined it as follows: 
4. GetApplicationName action has also Cache-In-Minutes property defined, so every time you do a change, be sure to redeploy your eSpace to invalidate the Cache.

And there you go, the Application's Title is now showing up fine! 

I am still pondering on this with the 4-layer approach in 8.0

 you have a theme-espace where you define your themes
should this be marked as backoffice?

in the application you have thus multiple espaces where 1 espace is define as front-office.
the others mostt probably are CE/IS/Helper espaces.
all inherit the theme-espace so the look&feel is the same.

because Now I have the same issue the application-title is not shown again.
Hi S&W,

My personal experience tells me not to mark those eSpaces as back-end, since their only purpose seems to be their link added to Application Switcher webblock. Honestly, I only see this purpose if you're developing a project for an intranet or similar solution (which hasn't been in my radar, lately).

So, to answer your question, as I see it (and have done with good results it in the past): I wouldn't mark a themed-eSpace as a backoffice, but I would include it as part of an Infrastructure Application instead. That App usually has 2 theme-eSpaces: UIProvider and UIProvider_BackOffice - the last one generally providing a BackOffice Theme with a different layout/color than the FrontOffice Theme so that the user knows exactly where he is. In my opinion, this approach fosters the promotion of a better User Experience.

Finally, regarding the application-title dillema, if it's annoying you, just change the expression to what you really want it to show :)