Your license has expired. Please request a new license.

Today i discovered that in version 6, if your licence expires, the applications that were published in your server, don't work. The users can't use the aplications with the licence expired.
In my opinion, i think that is a bad option of Outsystem Team. 
What do you think about this? 

Best regards.
Hi João,
This behavior is not related to a particular version of the Agile Platform. It applies to all versions, based on the license agreement you have made with OutSystems. Take into consideration that the platform is not a code generator... It allows you to manage your entire code base, allows you to configure your applications in the several environments, and constantly monitors them, for auditing, troubleshooting and performance management. So I'd say there is a big (positive) impact in the way you RUN your applications when they are on being managed by the platform, which is why, if your license is not valid, both the applications and the platform will be disabled.

Hi Gonçalo, thanks for your reply.
I see your point of view but i think that the applications should not be deactivated, because if you can't get the licence on time (for any reason), all your aplications stay ofline and the users can't work with them.
In oldest versions this was not happening. The applications continued online.

Best regards
Hi João (long time no see...),

In fact, in the past we could keep the application running when the licence expired, disabling the deployment of new features and some more Service Center options.
I don't know the real issue here that led Outsystems to do this change.
I think that his a business case, since if you want to use the Agile Platform you should pay in time the license renewal, if not, you can follow the path to the detachment process.
I'm sure that Gonçalo Borrêga can explain this issue much better than me.

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo M.

Tudo bem Gonçalo? Sim já vai um tempinho :)

Seems a business case was you said, but extremely rough, in my opinion.

Best regards Gonçalo 
It is part of the subscription model, just as I'd expect from something I subscribe to (e.g. in a cloud service, if I don't renew, the machines go down; if I don't pay my electric bills, lights go down). OutSystems sends periodic "reminders", to give you enough time to obtain a new license key (we send it 90, 60, 30, 15, 5 and 1 day before the license expires) and if anything goes wrong, you can always contact us to get a license key that will keep things running until any problem disappears. But, just as Gonçalo mentioned, if you want to use the Agile Platform, you need to do it under the scope of your subscription.
in a perfect world, you are right.
But not always the things run as we want and the delays happen.

Best regards
Hi João,

In a perfect world, all the bureaucracy were all treated on time and the renewal performed immediately, so that downtime would be equal to zero. However we all know how the companies work, even more these days with the installed financial crisis on our economy.
Although I perfectly understand your perspective and mostly agree with them, we must be well aware of all the content of the terms of use of any subscription that we do.
In addition, the Agile Platform also allows us to make the "detachment process" of the application that was implemented with it, getting free of the license (though I do not advise it because it is only viable in applications simple and not very flexible, the maintenance is much more expensive and it has no technical support).
Not the answer you pretend, but is a kind of explanation of the facts.

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo M.

True story Gonçalo.
You know a little bit the situation that we have here. Bureaucracy is something we have a lot.
Although i consider this, one more bad decision of Outsystems team, I think the positive points of Agile Platform continue to justify its use.
Best regards