Abort Deployment & Application Version History (v7.0.1.11)

As part of our goal to continuously make the life of our customers’ operations teams a lot easier, let me share with you two of the latest enhancements we have just added to LifeTime in the revision patch:

  • Abort Deployment
    The Agile Platform automates all the staging and deployment of your applications, from a tiny little directory application, up to complex systems that support your entire business. If you picked the wrong version of an application to deploy, or there was a problem deploying one of the modules (e.g. one of the frontends in your farm just ran out of disk space), you had no option but to wait for the deployment to finish, and restart from the beginning.
    Not anymore! You can now safely abort an ongoing deployment and rest assured that the Agile Platform takes care of all the cleaning for you and keeps your environment coherent. This means that if you have a tight timeframe to put a new application in Production and your deployment comes across a problem, you’ll be able to quickly abort it and still deploy inside your deployment window.
Abort Deployment

  • Application Version History
    For easier auditing and tracking, it’s important to have a centralized location with the history of your applications’ versions. Who tagged it, when, tag notes... if something goes wrong you want to know immediately which developers you need to reach.
    Additionally, you might need to understand what changed from version to version, for auditing purposes or in order to understand what should be the best action (e.g. if a hotfix is needed - you might not want to rollback everything).
    LifeTime now gives you a unified view of the history of your applications and even lets you compare any two versions, so you can always capture what exactly has changed in between. Application versioning simplified!
Application Version History


Here are the links to the updates so you can get started right away:

Hope you enjoy!

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Really nice features..Keep on going, guys..Evolution is the way :)