Getting Login User Id and passing it into another page

Hello Guys, new to service studio

I'm creating an web application with different accounts that contain a list of items which belong to that account.

I decided to use the User Entity table (already provided by service studio) with the Id column (I believe admin/admin Id is #4)

How do I pass the user id from the login page to the logged in homepage 

So I can use the Id from the User Entity to retreive the list of items that belongs to that Id

Example of my Entity

User                            MyStorageBox
-----                             ----------------
Id                                 Id
Name                           UserId
Username                    StorageBoxName
Password                     StorageBoxHeight
.....                               ........

Its pretty much a One to Many Relationship
Hi David, welcome to OutSystems Community!

As soon as you log in, the User Id as well the User Name will be available as Session Variables. So you don't need to pass them from screen to screen.
You can access to their values by using Session.UserId and Session.Username.
Let us know if this helps you!

Im using the SelfRegister example as a basis for my project, but Session claims not to have a UserId field?