Adding CSS Class or ID to table rows or column

Adding CSS Class or ID to table rows or column

I need to manipulate the table row/column a bit.

But I notice table rows or column has no class or id identifier.

I know for ID identifier can be created using the Name property in the service studio; however, it seems to be generating wt17_wtMainContent_wtCompanyInfo at one time then to wt18_wtMainContent_wtCompanyInfo (notice the increment in wt17 and wt18) therefore my hard coded javascript won't work.

Anyone have the solution?


Hi David,

Table Records columns by default have the "TableRecords_OddLine" and the "TableRecords_EvenLine" classes.
You can add new classes by writing the class name directly in the "Style" attribute of each column
If you're talking about simple tables not table records than it's the same as the image above, on the Style attribute add the class you need.

Id's are indeed generated by the platform.

Thanks it works!