Can I get the tag version in my eSpace

I have a requirement to display current tag version (from lifetime) in my eSpace, is it possible?
Hi Hui,
Don't know if it's possible (maybe someone from R&D will answer this), but it's worth searching for, in the system meta model: Add/Remove References -> (System)...
Check out the system entities there. Try referencing Solution / Solution_Version (disclaimer: not sure if it's used by Lifetime - confirm if it matches your latest deployments).

Also note that the environment on which Lifetime is installed (often Production) will affect your results.
I put some work in this a time ago, but I couldn't find it in the system meta model. The information is stored in Lifetime and therefore only available in the environment where Lifetime is published. And even then.... Lifetime has no public Entities. And I don't believe Lifetime has a webservice which you can consume.

So Hui, from my research I would say: "No, it is not possible". By I would definitely hope that I am wrong now.
Thank you Paulo and Brian, actually user only wants this version be displayed in DEV, SIT and UAT for testers understand which feature can be tested.

So if it's not possible, I can add a site property to update it manually :)