Creating/Editing record by various tabs


I'm testing Outsystems for about 1 month and at the moment have the following question:
I need to create/edit an entry that affects more than one table. To improve usability, the edit form is divided into four tabs (i'm using richwidget tabls_clientside), and the save button should be positioned on the last tab.

How can i do this? Any tips?

Is almost solved.
It was enough to put the Edit Record on the first tab, and move the save button to the last.

However I still need to allow editing other fields through the other tabs.
Hi Armando,

I can also place Edit Records in the other tabs, just make sure that you point the parent edit record of each input to the first edit record and also the variable should come from the first edit record too.

That way you have a couple of tabs with input fields and but all the inputs are bound to the main edit record.

However, if you have a big form to fill, please consider a wizard like approach.

José Ramalho