Calendar Bug? V7.0.1.7

Calendar Bug? V7.0.1.7

Hi all,
I've spent the last two hours wondering why my date pick box has been selecting a different date than the one I was picking.... it was auto incrementing one extra day... well I just noticed this behaviour that is repeatable:

Step 1. With the date box empty select a date - this gives the correct selection.
Step 2. select a different field, then re-select the date field you just picked - this time the calendar selects a different date.
In the screen grab below, I hovered my mouse over 13th May.... at the bottom you will notice it says Tue, May 14 - WRONG!
This happens on all dates and all screens I have in my app, but only when going back to the date field to edit the date.

Hi Gary,

I had this issue in my Platform Server issue has been resolved by installing V7.0.1.7. Please refer this discussion

V. Calender 

Hope this works for you.


Thanks Kavi,
I was running V7.0.1.7 already... I tried to upgrade to V8 last night and that really screwed everything up (another story) anyway I ended up uninstalling everything and re-installing V7.0.1.7 and all works OK...
Very strange!