Feedback message automatically closed ?

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I have a stupid question. With the traditional feedback messages we have four types. Out of which the 'Info' and 'Warning' type feedback messages roll up after a certain time. But, with the 'Success' and 'Error' type, they stay there until you close them manually.

My question is that whether you can roll them up after a certain period of time, lets say after 20 seconds?

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Disclaimer: I sugest you clone the RichWidgets eSpace and create your own copy first before doing any of the following!

Open RichWidgets eSpace and go to "FeedbackMessage" -> "Preparation".
In that flow you have a JSSlide action with the Script parameter, look at its content and you can understand why it only auto-closes in two of the four options:
"RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_feedbackSlideDown('" + Feedback_Wrapper.Id + "'," + If( MessageTyp
e = Site.MessageType_Info or MessageType=Site.MessageType_Success, "true", "false") +"   );"
And in the FeedbackMessage's webblock javascript you can find the following, where it shows you the default wait time is 15 seconds:
        if (autoHide) {
          RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_timerHide = window.setTimeout(slideUp, 15000);
I'm seeing this in the 5.1 version of the platform so it might be a little different.

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Hermínio Mira
Hi Nikhil Shravage,

Another good and fancy option is to use Growl Feedbacks.
Here's a simple example of its usage and features, the ones similar to Richwidgets Feedback messages.
Hope it helps.

Gonçalo M.
Thanks Hermínio, Gonçalo I will check it out later !!
It works for me like a charm..
Well done Gonçalo :)
Hi guys,

You could 
also try to use this component. All you need is just to replace the original Feedback Actions with this new one.

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