Hi all,

I'm kind of new in the Platform and I was told to use SEO URLs by my boss..
I read the documentation but I've some doubts:
- about the real usage of it,
- how to implement it step by step,
- When and where to use it,
- Problems,
- Benefits..

Thanks in advance.
Hi Nuno!

Did you read the TechNote? You can download it at http://www.outsystems.com/goto/install-seo

Hope it helps you.
I read the TecnNote but I'm still having problems.
- about the real usage of it,
- When and where to use it,
- Problems,
- Benefits..

Can anyone give me some tips about this?
Thanks in advance.

The purpose of the SEO feature is to allow you to define more user / search-engine friendly URLs.

It allows you to define aliased URLs to your applications, so instead of accessing http://server/Customers/Customer_Edit.aspx?CustomerId=6 you can have a simpler url like http://server/customers/edit/6 or something of the sort.

For example, our community forums are using SEO, so instead of seeing something like "http://www.outsystems.com/Forums/Edit_Discussion.aspx?DiscussionId=10241" you're seeing "http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/10241/seo-url/" .

When , how and where to use it depends on what you wish to accomplish.

If you give us an example of what you wish to do, we can guide you in achieving it.
First of all thanks for the fast reply.
My main doubts are related to the IIS configurations and the theorical information related to this feature.
Also, for example in .NET what is the similar theory and application?
Thanks again
Hi Nuno,

As for the real usage of it here:
SEO Url's is one of the techniques is usually used to improve search results for your site.

It can also be usefull to give some human readable meaning to your url's

I guess you should ask your boss why he wants it, and depending on that decide on where to use it on your site. It really depends on your objective and can't be a seen as a task to "Use SEO Urls".

João Rosado
Thank you all, guys.
You were very helpfull.