Grid/Table with Drag-Drop Column Grouping

Grid/Table with Drag-Drop Column Grouping

Is there any grid widget/component available for Outsystems with grouping and drag-drop functionality (something like the image attached)?
Thank you,
Hi Hendra,

I didn't find any component with both of that behaviour. However there are 2 components that you can look for:
1) tree widget
2) sortable list

But, I found this jquery plugin "jquery grouping" that you can import and try to use it. Even better if you transform it into a component and share it with us!

Happy coding,

Thank you, Ruben for the suggestion. 
Hi Hendra,

If you are able to implement this sort of widget it would be awesome if you could share it with us in the Forge:)
Good luck on it and feel free to ask for the community help.

Kind Regards,