Can I run Powershell scripts from Outsystems app?

Does anyone know if there is a way to run Powershell scripts from an Outsystems app and process the results? If so, how?
Hi Gerry,

I think that you can do this using a C# extension, for example.
Take a look at this example, maybe it helps:
Share with us your results and good luck.

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Gonçalo M.
Be advised that extensions run in the context of a worker process which might (greatly) limit what they're allowed to do.
You're right Ricardo..that's a very important note that I forgot to mention..
I just did that suggestion because, as I know, it's the only way to perform that issue.
Thanks for the help. I think what I'll wind up doing is calling out to get health information from Microsoft Exchange. if anyone know of any limitations on doing that, please let me know.


I know this thread is old but just to let you know that since the beginning of 2017 it exists the forge component "Powershell Commander" that allows you to run PowerShell commands/scripts. I have used it and it works but it is somewhat limited in the context of a Personal Environment. Although, in the description of the component it states that it includes impersonation to run the PowerShell commands under a different User, which might be helpful in the context of a real (not cloud) environment, but I haven't tried that myself.


Tiago Bernardo