Set the right URL after a redirect

Set the right URL after a redirect

Hello there,

I have a web screen (1) that redirects the user for another web screen (2) at the end of Preparation.
Let's assume the following URL's:
  1. http://server/redirect.aspx?param=x
  2. http://server/myPage.aspx

Once the user lands at page 2, the URL shown keeps as the 1.
I'm using the Destination element to perform this - the destination is the myPage web screen.

How do I force the URL of page 2 to be shown? i.e., when the user lands in myPage.aspx, the URL that he will see at his browser is http://server/myPage.aspx.

EDIT: I'm running the 6.0 platform over IIS 7.5.

Thanks in advance for your help,
R. Saraiva
Hi Saraiva,

To make the url change you need to be able to force a client side redirect.
From a preparation, the easyest way is using as destination a "ExternalSite" instead of the screen directly

Like this:

The GetEntryURL is a method from the HTTPRequestHandler extension. Just do a Add Remove References to add it.
Note that the recomendation for that method is to use a Entry Point, and not a screen directly. Use it with care if you really don't want to create entry points for them.

João Rosado
Hi there João,

in fact, before I posted the topic, I tried your solution, but "apparently" I got the same problem...
Anyway, today the solution worked perfectly. I think it may be related with browser cache - I cleaned it and it worked.
Does anyone can confirm this?

This is just a warning, in case someone deals with something similar.

R. Saraiva

Hi Saraiva, i once have this cache problems too so it can solve it when you clean the browser cache.
Another thing you can use the action MakeAbsoluteUrl()  on the extension HTTPRequestHandler
to garantee that your URL is always right in every environment ;)

Best Regards 
Miguel Grilo