Since Service Pack 1 of SQL Server 2012 was released in November 2012 I was wondering whether this could be installed on any SQL Server 2012 instances running outsystems
Hello Marcel,

I'm not sure about this but I think you have no support for that version and,even if you have, I think that is just for version 8.

Thanks Gonçalo.

So then the next question really is when it will be supported for version 7. As a database engineer I prefer to be as up to date with service packs as possible, but also to have as few different builds running as possible, so you can see my dilemma here.
I understand your issue very well.
However, I'm sorry to said, but I think this is something that is not going to be done for version 7.
The most likely is to have this for the newer version 8.
Hi Marcel,

You should be able to install the SP1 without any issue.
7.0 supports SQL Server 2012 and Server packs usually don't introduce any breaking changes.

Any future issue encontered with patched versions of SQL Server will surelly still be fixed in 7.0 versions, just be sure to keep up with the latest versions :)

João Rosado