Guys, good morning.
The situation is this, I need to implement a dropdown menu. I've tried the two components that are in the forge and none worked here.
I wonder how I do it on the nail even some tutorial article?
Hello Paulo,
Are you using version 8.0? It already comes with a dropdown menu in the intelliwarp, that works by default. You just have to drag pages to the menu/submenu placeholders!

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha
Vasco, I installed DynamicMenus, but how do I import it to my existing project? I'm using version 7.0.13
Hi Paulo,
You can't downgrade the version from 8 to 7. However, you can replicate it in a new eSpace and create your on component, using the elements like placeholders given by the platform and copying the css and javascript, jquery, etc..
Good luck and give us some news about it..

So I'm playing with the dropdown menu and I love the look.  I want to put the same menu structure on each page. If I just drag and drop on each page that'll get old after ten pages so I assume I can do it once someplace and put it on every page.  I'm guessing this is a job for a webblock?  Just want to make sure.
Curt -

Yes, put it on a Web Block.

Hi Curt,

I'm bit confused on what you're trying to achieve...
When you create a new application you already have a web screen layout with a placeholder for the menu and a menu webblock. This is where you'll configure the menu once and it'll be used in every page you create.
If you're using the accelerators to create the screens you'll see that the menu is created automatically and if you watch this video (around minute 9) you'll see how to create menu entries from web screens.

Have you went thru our online training?


I've been through the training videos.  I've played with the accelerators to create web screens but I have big issues with the way it does that, a topic for a later time.  So yes I'm creating screens from scratch.  I'll look for the web screen layout and try placing the menu there.  Thanks.
That took care of my problem.  Thanks for the quick help!