JAVA edition running on Amazon EC2 - anyone?

Is there anyone running the java edition on Amazon EC2?

What do you think about it - any issues? :)
Hi Robert,

Not at the moment I am not. However I can point out that actually the first OutSystems platform that ran on Amazon EC2 was in fact on the Java stack (EC2 didn't even had support for MS Windows at the time)!
Hi Miguel

What do you mean the "first Outsystems platform"?

You mean "Agile Platform Cloud" or " website?
I mean that only a few days into EC2 being publicly available, OutSystems went on into testing how the Agile Platform would run in EC2. However, at the time EC2 was a lot different:
  • Only Linux instances were available
  • No persistent storage was available (EBS was released only later)

So we used the platform version that was at the time the best fit for the EC2 offer, which means that we had to opt by OutSystems' Agile Platform 4.0 for Java. That's why the first version of the OutSystems platform to run on EC2 was actually the Java version!
Hello Robert

Personally in IT I have made a number of very successful tests of the Java stack (JBoss+Oracle) using both a locally installed Oracle Database in an EBS volume and also using Oracle RDS.

The only thing that it isn't supported out of the box (Some manual intervention needed) now by OutSystems is, in fact the usage of Oracle RDS, although I have found it to work very well. (Tried with version 7.0.1.x and more recently with

Best Regards