[Test Automator] TestAutomator_Regression repository thread

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Published on 2015-11-16 by Paulo Garrudo
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Published on 2015-11-16 by Paulo Garrudo
This is the latest version of TestAutomator_Regression.zip. You will need this to install Test Automator v2.0.0
Can I use Test Automator with Selenium web driver
Currently TA uses Selenium RC for executing the scripts. No support for Selenium Web Driver yet.
why is this a sticky?

Because it is necessary for TestAutomator to run :) - unfortnately, Stickies are global to the overall "Forge discussions" subforum (rather than the TestAutomator subforum) so it doesn't make sense when you reach it from there.

Unsticking it.
thanks :)

@Miguel Melo

Is this still applicable for Version 2.0.1?