deploying OutDoc

deploying OutDoc


I am trying to deploy OutDoc in my Outsystem server, it requires an extension EspaceMetaModel.xif 

When I try to deploy the EspaceMetaModel.xif it keps giving me the following error.

"Unqualified {}Client fault"

Also I get the same error when I try to publish the OutDoc-8.0.0.osp using the Solution Pack Tool.

I am using the OutDoc 8.0.0 version and OutSystem

Can some one help me in why I am getting this issue?


Hi Ayan,

I don't know exactaly what kind of problem are you getting, but let me ask some questions just to execute a quick troubleshooting.

  • Are you using a .Net server? To install/run is not possible to do it using a Java stack.
  • Are you using the solution pack tool for version 8.0, and your server is also using the same version?

Paulo Garrudo
We have a Java stack, that should be the reason why it is not working. I see in the OutDoc download site as well it supports only .NET

The solution pack tool is for version 8.0 and the server version is same as well.