possibility of running multiple instances of OS

I have a HR app developed in agile platform version 5.1.35. I want to integrate a mobile web application frontend for the app.is it possible to plugin another instance of OS version 8.0 for the mobile dev and sync it with my HR app that was developed in an older Os version.that is running multiple virtual images of OS in one cloud server.this because creating a standalone mobile web version is of paramount importance.thanks.
Hi Tmlewin,

You can use web services to make the data available to the 8.0 instance (that will host the mobile app).
Will that work or do you have other requirements?

@Davide. Thanks for the tip.i actually considered encapsulating my actions as web services in service studio.but what of my DB and data model.i want both apps to use a shared data source.can i integrate my hr db via integration by service center by pointing to server address were the HR db resides as well as other connection parameters before importing via integration studio.please i would like to hear your thoughts on my suggestions.thanks a lot.
Hi again!
You can set up a linked server on SQL Server to access to your HR data model on the new instance.
Having the linked server in place then use Integration Studio to import/create the entities and create an Extension that will make them available to the mobile app.