How should I implement mass editing of a table?

How should I implement mass editing of a table?

I have a list of 400 rows that I need to work through and modify.  I don't see a way to make the table editable, so how should I implement this?
Hi Brett,

Will all of these rows need to be editied?... and if so will it be sequential to the list that you have presented?.. or will only some records in the list need to be edited..

I have a couple of suggestions depending on your requirements

Cheers, Mark

All rows could potentially be edited.  Here is my scenario.  
  • I have a list of products.
  • I want to let the user enter the quantity of products they need for selected product as well as to update some other fields.
  • They want to edit it in the table, i.e. no additional popup dialog.
So to answer the last part of the question, only some (but most) of the records will need to be updated.
Hi Brett,

There is probably a better way of doing this but here is an easy solution for you to get you started;

  • Use IntelliWarp to generate your table listing
  • Change the Expression fields of the fields you wish to edit to Input type (I always copy and paste the Expression Field value and paste that to your input variable -so you always get the correct reference)
  • Put(Create) an Onchange screen action event on these Edit Inputs (use the same for all the different inputs if you wish)
  • In the Onchange screen action Call the GetForUpdate for the current row that is being edited
  • Assign the value to the new value from the Input Entry to the GetForUpdate record 
  • Then call the Update Record (writes the new value to the DB)

Hope that points you in the right direction.


Ohh and I also think if you look at either the Outsystems Expense and/or Timesheet App (From Service Studio) you can see examples of what you are trying to do.
Yes, checkout to see the timesheet application working. It implements the pattern you need.
You can then download it and see how it's implemented.
Hi Brett, 

for your scenario you might want to consider this component in the forge 

It's a smooth approach for the user that wants to do massive data update